15 April 2014

I'm not in school, but still love Spring Break

Teaching can be really stressful, but one of the great things about teaching is that I have never had to stop getting excited about Spring Break. A week and a half to relax, refresh, and frolic without 100+ children all day -- so nice!

14 April 2014

I need meds not prayer

I've had really bad sinus infection-type symptoms for about a week and finally made it to the doctor because my home remedies and OTC meds were not working.  The doctor did not give me a prescription; the doctor told me to take vitamins and pray over my condition because that is what she does when she does not want to be ill.

03 April 2014

Why can't we be friends?

I really love to keep in contact with old friends (even old relationships) to see how they are; I only bring people into my life that I want in it for a long time.  Unfortunately, they don't always feel the same and I become kind of sad and question if I did something wrong.

02 April 2014

I punish myself with excessive grading

Yes, administration, I agree that it is a great idea to do a full mock test (50 multiple choice and two full out essays) with my students to see how they will do on the actual test in two months.  Said I before I remembered that I would then have to grade 70+ of these while also keeping up on regular class grading; why do I do these grading punishments to myself?

01 April 2014

Customer service - for the win

Sometimes talking with customer service can be a pain in the nether regions.  Other times, after 30 minutes on the phone, they are able to fix my cell phone problems and reduce my bill and I can breathe easy again.

31 March 2014

Do people consume their monthly flow?!?

Sometimes 6th grade students smell so bad they need to have a nurse and a counselor and teachers come in to have hygiene talks with them.  Sometimes a student in said talk asks if you are supposed to eat or drink your menstrual fluid.