16 August 2008

Obama-McCain forum with Warren

Watching the forum with Senators Obama and McCain and Pastor Rick Warren. Obama really rocked out with his answers on abortion, teachers' salaries, stem cell research, and "working in concert with the international community" to solve problems and address genocide and the high orphan rates.

The more I see him the more there is something about him that just reminds me of my man. They have similar smiles and teeth and those thick, low brows. Both just really represent that educated, confident, grown-man sexy.

On the other hand, McCain really just irks me. With Bush, I really can't stand listening to him talk and change the channel of the radio or the tv when he is about to do a sound bite or a speech, but if McCain is elected, not only will I not be able to stand listening to him, but I will avoid even just having to look at him. Wow. The lack of lips, the super-duper short arms (No offense, I understand he was tortured in Vietnam while he was in service and they were taken out of the sockets repeatedly, but how does that make them shorter?), the voice, the way he seems to treat/refer to his wife, all the stories of his evil anger problems. I don't know -- I just can't/don't want to see him as a president. It took everything in me to not switch during the questioning back to the Olympics instead of waiting until the commercial break.

On a totally different note, CONGRATS to Christian Cantwell on his Olympic shot put silver medal!! Way to go Mizzou track teammate -- he taught me to not drink before or during a meal so that I could eat more of the wonderful food before me.

McCain made me cringe when he said we need to focus on off-shore oil drilling, but tried to redeem himself by then mentioning the other types of energy we should also use. Then he went on to talk about other issues and judges that I don't support and that don't support the rights and needs of the various majority of people of this nation. He did a lot of joking with the crowd, calling the audience "my friends", and shared a lot of old anecdotes which is a good way to get the basic American public on his side without making them actually listen to his words and ideas.

If you missed the forum, which was run pretty well by Warren, you should definitely read the transcript or find the video. There were questions asked that are not typically asked and it was nice to have a person asking the questions who was not a reporter, though at times, he did seem to prefer McCain's answers and presence, he still did all right as the moderator.


  1. plain and simple... john mccain scares me! he is a simpleton who lacks introspection and only appeared last night to garner votes from right-wing evangelical christians! he is a reckless cowboy with little or no regard for the consequences of his actions.

    his answer to the question about evil scared me the most: "Defeat it!" his definition of evil is anything that has to do with Muslim terrorist or Osama bin Laden. it doesn't extend to the evil that is done in this country to people who don't look like john mccain, or to people who cross over the border in search of a better way of life, or to people dying of starvation in Darfur, or to the people who suffer human rights violations in China, or to the US detainees who are tortured and waterboarded at Guantanomo!

    the guy made me ILL... and i cannot believe ANYONE would find a credible bone in that cretin's body!

    i posted about the faith forum on plezWorld.

  2. All of you ho hate McCain need to get used to the idea of a McCain presidency. He totally shattered Obama in this forum as we still see Obama wavering on every question.. He was so afraid to take a stance on any issue..so he just rode the middle..Life begins when? oh yeah above his pay grade.. Last time I checked, the President has the highest pay grade.. and we need a president who will make decisions and not defer to his left wing kooks for the answers.. Obama was totally lost without his teleprompter. He stuttered, uh and umm all night and never gave one straight answer and you liberals call that thoughtfulness..That makes me laugh. I guess you need to classify it somehow and this is the best you can come up with. McCain was decisive. You know EXACTLY where he stands whether you agree with him or not..That means he stands on principles..not the most recent polls as Obama does.. Just wait till November and you will see all of us Christian right wingers as you call us, show up and express our conscience..and you will be amazed at our turnout..We just sit back and keep quite till it is time to cast our vote. You liberals just get out there and scream foul or whine and complain to get heard in the media and that is giving you a false sense of security.. Watch the power of the Christian right this Novemeber and then you will see the difference we can and will make.. Just watch

  3. I was actually pleasantly surprised at the wide variety of questions posed. I wasn't able to watch the debate, but for me it's better to read it anyway; I take in more that way.

  4. If only the trolls would stay under their bridge... but they aren't, and I hope if/when McCain drafts them, their kids or grandkids and brings America to it's knees from picking unnecessary wars, they'll remember that they could have had Obama.

  5. No doubt Kit. If he wins, I hope there is even more regret than there was with this man's presidency. I hate to wish bad on people, but if he wins, I wish all sorts of bad on the people who plan to vote for him for all the wrong reasons -- not paying attention to the actual big issues rather than the ones that are mostly religious in nature. There is way more to politics and this nation than those issues. There are way more people who will be touched by his misdeeds. There is way more at stake. Obama talked about "the least of these" and the treatment of those people. That is something that these people don't seem to care about even though they claim to be super-uber Christians.


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