04 August 2008

The end/start is almost here

I've been without internet for almost 6 days now. Finally have it back.

Today I went to this teeny clinic my new employer recommended for a physical so they can clear me to work. I got there and signed in at 1:55. Filled in some forms and sat and waited to be taken to the other side of the wooden door. A male nurse came to retrieve me at 2:14 (my first male nurse ever) for the routine eye check (which I did fabulously on - one year since Lasik and still beyond perfect vision), he asked my height and weight (didn't actually measure/weigh himself - kind of weird), took my blood pressure and pulse (said both are really, really good despite my lack of adequate physical activity for the past 7 years - remnants from being a college athlete, I suppose), gave me a TB test, checked my hearing by having me turn my back to him while he whispered numbers for me to identify (wow - talk about low tech), checked my peripheral vision, then told me to change into the crappy gown and wait for the doctor.

It was now 2:26. I was pretty excited about how easily it was all moving since I was hungry and tired. Today started my attempt to transition back into teaching. I basically have spent the summer doing not much for most of the days. I have been sleeping hella late, staying up even later, and on some days taking three naps throughout the day. The past few weeks I have been more productive throughout the day, but I have still been limiting myself to four-five hours of productivity at the most.

It has been great. I have felt rested. I have helped coach some excellent athletes. I have spent time with family and friends (though not enough time). I have thought about the upcoming school year and all the new school could possibly be like. I have procrastinated on writing all of the curriculum (wrote some, but can't bring myself to finish, especially since I don't have all the resources that the other teachers have since I cannot yet get on the school server).

I don't know how I will be able to function on the first few days of new teacher shit. It is really hard to stay awake when someone is just talking at you, so hopefully there is not a lot of that. And hopefully there are not a lot of brand new teachers with a lot of new teacher questions. I really need it to not be that way otherwise I may start to fall asleep. Especially if it gets toward my nap time (which includes the hours between 10am-4:30pm at this point).

But back to the doctor's visit. It was 2:26 and the nurse had just left the room. I took off the clothes and tried to put the gown on strategically so that nothing would show through.

I looked at the corny company photo on the wall. Sent a text message to a friend. Then turned to take a look at the needle disposal container with the hazardous waste labels on it. Then started to get bored. Found a The Week news magazine on the counter. Skimmed through it. I kept hearing the voice of what I figured might be the doctor chatting and laughing with a doctor. I kept thinking that maybe, just maybe he was about to enter my room.

Still no doctor.

Looked again at magazine. Read EVERY SINGE ARTICLE IN THE MAGAZINE. Every article.

By now it is 3:15. I went into the hallway to check if there was any one still out there. Didn't see or hear anything.

I pulled the pillow off the shelf under the table, put it on the table and laid down on the paper rolled out for my protection, careful to not let my gown fly open.

At 3:35 the doctor came in. Finally.

The stuff he did took 7 minutes.

When I left the front desk nurse gave me a form that had a receipt and the time I signed in and the time I was released: 1:55 to 3:57. The entire process took over two hours. The exam took about 19 minutes.

Why do nurses bring patients into the back if the doctor is not going to see them for a long time? Why could I hear the doctor laughing and chatting with some female nurse through the door?

And why do they have to cut into my productivity hours?

On the way out I ganked about 7 of those lollipop suckers from the basket. When I go back for the TB screen I will take more, too.

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