04 June 2007

Crazy People Everywhere

I'm sitting here right now super tired, but unable to go back to sleep. Damn being semi-stuck on a school schedule. So instead of sleeping, I'm here reminiscing on the craziness that was this school year/thinking of how much I want to be napping and already daydreaming of a nice cocktail.

Really the main thing that keeps coming into my head is, as kbo would say, how much "you can't reason with crazy." So true. When a mofo is completely off their rocker you really can't justify anything to them. You cannot even convince them of anything contrary to the concocted thoughts that are in their head.

Some examples in my life and in society in general, past and present:

The biggest ones coming to my head from my direct life deal with in the recent past. I have always been a person who loves stories, but when they come to real life, it is crazy. It is absolutely insane to think that a person is so in love with make believe that they create their own stories of their life. I know that sometimes a person's life can seem mundane, but can it really be so bad that you have to develop stories for even the most ordinary details? And that you have to pick up random people you don't know and give them rides and offer your friends up to give them rides, also? I cannot possibly go into enough detail on this person. It really frustrates me, yet also enthralls me to think about all the stories and all the drama.

Another close to home issue deals with young females. I can't understand how they can be so preoccupied with the penis that they can't notice that the body and the brain attached to it are shit and completely worthless. Even more questionable is the fact that they will get into physical fights over it all. After a track meet this year, the bus pulls up to school and as I am talking to the bus driver to figure out when we will leave for the next meet, I hear some loud screaming. Figured the kids were just fucking around with each other, talking in their super-loud outside voices like they do even in school. I turn the corner to tell them to calm down and go home only to realize that they are brawling. And with chicks they were arguing with at the track meet. The chicks followed the bus back to the school so they could fight over these two worthless dudes. Get out of here. Quit gossiping on Bebo, quit ruining friendships over guys with so many issues it is unbelievable.

The other night I was watching National Geographic Channel and came across this guy who decided to live with wolves. Yes, live with wolves. Allow them to bite him, bite them back, lick them, fight with them, play with them, eat raw deer and other animals with them, allow the wolves to eat out of his mouth. Cannot possibly reason with this guy that what he is doing is way off.

G-Dubb. There is not enough time in the world for me to go into detail about all the craziness he has done, along with his lackeys. And for all you Clinton-lovers... he did some fucked up shit, too.

Life on this planet is full of the crazies.

And I will write about them as this blog continues...

Until then.

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