27 August 2007

511 Days left

I almost think I should not put this person's full name on here.... But I want you all to be ready in 12-24 years when you hear that this person has murdered his own mother.

The full name is Pursyphane Ewuzznme Darling Jones. WHAT!?! Yes. That is the name.

School so far has been cool. Best start in all my six years of new school years. Students have matured a bit. And there have been no fights with soup cans in socks.

Wedding over the weekend reminded me of how I dread the actual event. Marriage is awesome, I'm sure. The ceremony and the party and all it takes to get all that stuff ready is a headache. Congrats to the brother for getting engaged to his lady. Wishing them many stress less days until the day finally comes next summer.

Oh, yeah. Good news, I think. Gonzalez resigned. But is that really such a good thing? We all know that G-Dubb is just going to put someone else in there who is likely worse than Roberto. Only hope is that there is only a year and some months left of it all. January 20, 2008. Can we all wait, though? Can we all continue to suffer the consequences of all the people who voted for him? Those are the questions.

Some hope: Thursday I talked with Kate after trying to do it for two years. She said her parents voted for this man, but are understanding their mistake. They have seen the light.

Hopefully others will open their eyes and see the same things they are seeing. Though with all the conservative, fundamentalists out there, I am sure many of them will not take the big blinders off their eyes to see reality. They will continue to vote for issues that are really not that important to the successful running of this nation. They will continue to focus on those issues and the stability of their incomes. Regardless of the fact that their taxes (or lack of them) are what is causing bridges to fall and schools to fail and babies to die. Why are they all about saving unborn children, but not the living ones who a small amount of tax money would help their lower income parents take care of their living children?

Whole different issues. Discussed a whole 'nother time.

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