20 September 2007

What's going on

First of all, what things are the people of this country missing information about while they are preoccupied with finding out about Britney Spear's return to performing and OJ Simpson's arrest. Think of all the important news of the world that is being neglected.

Look for yourself. There is so much happening that I don't even know where to start.

In other news, I have finished the longest week and a half of my life..

Last week was a hell week. The first three days of the week I didn't get home until after 9. Then had a weekend full of craziness. Travelling to KC to see my long unseen best bud. Then the school another school week with the most annoying student I have ever come across in my life. Really I only have had him in class this year four or five days total. But they seem like forever. He is so annoying that they kicked him out of school. Today I had a kid that I honestly wanted to put my hands around his throat. Even envisioned it as I was walking toward him. Had to seriously stop myself. These are the moments I wish I coached a full contact sport so I could use that as an excuse to fuck up some kids.

I am digging most of the rest of the kiddos, though.

Life is hectic.

Keep up with the news. There is a lot going on that people do not realize and that my head hurts too much for me to get into.

Headaches blow. This one is reminiscent of the ones I had a couple years back when I thought I was literally dying and had to get an MRI.

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