30 December 2007

New Life and Eminent death

Today me and the kid sisters went to see the funniest movie I have ever seen. Juno. Seriously entertaining. I have never laughed out loud so many times in a single movie. So funny. Really amazing how they could make such a serious topic so funny. The main character, Juno, is hilarious. And they have The Moldy Peaches doing one of the main songs of the movie. That group is hilarious.

We saw the movie at Frontenac Plaza -- for those of you who don't know, Frontenac is the Beverly Hills of St.L. I counted about 5 sets of black people there -- two of them were working there. Even the cars in the parking lot were flashy, though I did see several newer Toyotas. We saw one Buick that just seemed out of place. We figured it must have been the help.

The mall is really quite nice. If I was a shopper, I would go there to do my shopping. Who can't like a mall where they serve Toblerone chocolate at the movie concession stand along with wine and a full bar. Full bar. I don't like seeing movies at theatres, but have seen a couple there and enjoy the experience.

After thoroughly enjoying the movie we were leaving back through the mall. In the parking lot I got to feel that feeling that only comes when you experience a near death experience. We were pulling out of our parking spot, which was right at the entry to the parking garage. A dark colored BMW started pulling into the garage at a relatively slow pace, then seemed to accelerate when he realized that we were people with melanin and in a lowly 2006 Corolla. He did not slow down. He was coming at us (really kid sis's numbers 2 and 3 since they were on that side of the vehicle but it was still frightening for me regardless). I looked into the man's eyes and felt like I was looking into the eyes of a man who knew that he had enough money to pay for all of our funerals after he accomplished his goal; a man who knew that his good insurance would pay for all the damages to his car and to his person; a man who, even if his insurance and the doctor's he would fly in to perform his reconstructive surgeries were not successful, knew that his AARP membership would help him to obtain one of those special scooters to get around on (at no cost to him) so that even if he could no longer drive a car, he could still terrorize people of color and young people by revving his scooter fast toward them as they are forced off the sidewalk or against the nearest wall.

When people do crazy things close to the new year my grandparents say "They don't have enough money to see the new year!" This man knows that I'm not super well off and don't do super crazy stuff on my own, so he wanted to go ahead and take me out before the new year.

It almost ruined my afternoon, until I remembered some lines from the movie and thought of some Moldy Peaches songs, and was once again laughing out loud.

My heartbeat slowed, my pits dried, and it was, once again, just another sunny Sunday afternoon.

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  1. ADA!!! U just made me laugh out loud at work! woo hilarious

    THis is IB by the way


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