08 September 2009

Micro-Braids, Charlie Murphy, and Rick James

I got micro-braids on Monday. They don't hurt as bad as I anticipated. They had to make them pretty tiny since my hair is still pretty short - about 2 inches now (finally starting to grow out -- it is amazing how fast it can grow when I stop cutting it down so close to my head for two months). I put the braids in for a change and because it will keep me from cutting it back off. Kind of weird and annoying and nice (yes, all at the same time) having long hair again. I was really feeling the low cut fade -- somehow it made me feel real feminine, especially when I put on some cute clothes and some cute jewelry. Those shown in the pic are just one pair I love from PeaceImages (which I need to get back to -- check it out, she is really good and really creative).

During the 9 hours of sitting waiting for the procedure to finish I got to watch the daily marathon of Law & Order on the television (USA, perhaps) -- can't beat that for making the time fly by.

Today I was standing doing hall duty, taking in all the compliments and shocked looks at my new 'do and suddenly had a moment where I wanted to say "I'm Rick James, Bitch!"

This happens every so often. Just a memory of Charlie Murphy and Dave Chappelle along with some of James' songs.

Which brings me to the wordless portion of this post.

This constantly brings me to laugh out loud -- both segments.

Watch. Enjoy. Laugh.


  1. NINE hours?! What a commitment!

  2. It sounds a lot longer than it felt. I love L & O. They will hopefully stay in for about 2 months and then who knows how long they will take to take out. It is a lot of commitment, but they look nice and it is fairly convenient once I get used to doing hair again.


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