15 October 2007

A few things

If I am ever teaching and a student comes to me after a school shooting telling the media that he was in the bathroom and saw the shooter loading his weapon, but just went back to class and forgot about it, I will literally kill said kid. How can you forget that occurred. I try to make class interesting, but was what I was teaching about blood diamonds or the Aztecs really so engrossing that you forgot that a fellow student is about to blow some students and potentially some teachers to smitherines?

And why did Kelli tell me today that a grown-ass, college educated woman, a teacher at that, has no idea of what apartheid was. No idea who Nelson Mandela is. What is really going on with the whitening of American education? This is why I teach African Studies. This is why I have discussions with students about historical topics unrelated to the material in the curriculum. This is why I talk about issues with friends. This is why I am going to have the children who swim out of my womb reading books at a young age and listening to NPR as I drive them to school or to their little kiddie practices after we go to the library and check them out their weekly, non-school related reading books.

To take my mind off some school mess and my fluid-filled elbow (this is what I get for deciding to work out after four years off) I decided to watch a little video. You can watch, too. Enjoy. Makes me smile, and giggle.

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  1. And you are a TEACHER? That is pretty sick, you are supposed to be a role model, and you talk about the the way students dress?
    I wonder what your employers would think about this?


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