16 January 2009

Notorious, christmas story, farewell

Word on the street is that some theatres in some parts of the nation will not be showing the film "Notorious" after 10 pm. Their reason? Because it may lead to violence.

Because there are no other things in this world that have led to violence. This movie is the only thing that will lead people to commit violent acts against others. Don't worry about all the past movies that have been shown or are currently being shown in movies. THIS is the one that will lead to everyone going into the streets and having huge riots.

I guess all the people in Israel got the bootleg copy early and that is why they have been fighting and using banned weapons like white phosphorous.

In other news, when I was younger (shoot, even this Christmas) I loved watching "A Christmas Story". Thought it was hilarious when the kid got his tongue frozen stuck to the pole during recess. I always wondered if real people ever did that stuff.

Apparently they do.

My brother's reaction was awesome: "Modern times mean we'll continue to see this. In the old days of Darwinism, a saber-toothed tiger would have killed him while he was stuck to the pole - thereby preventing him from finding a mate and passing on his stupidity to offspring."

By the way -- only 4 more days of insane presidency.

I am pessimistically hopeful about what could possibly happen in the coming term.


  1. Its all about the fear of a Black planet. I think they're afraid that this movie will revive the east coast-west coast beef because you know...those 40yr old gangbangers just haven't got over it yet.

  2. Hello my dear...I hope you are recovering a little from your december sadness.
    If the questions you raise weren't so important to all of us, the facts would actually be ludicrously and deliciously ridiculous! These people have to make you laugh because they're such MORONS! Shit they give morons a bad name.
    We nurses have an experience all the time where someone wants something; and you politely explain why that wish can't be accomadated. So they ask another person and another person and they're still told no, so then they couch the request in different words, as if that will make a difference.
    This is exactly what the ultra-cons like rush limpmaw, o'reilly Coulter and thir ilk do every day. Say it often enough and loudly enough and eventually you'll get people to believe you...if it's on tv it must be true, right?
    Anyway, God bless you and keep on being cautiously hopeful...I think we have good reason.

  3. @ RiPPa -- How hilarious would that be if all the old school gangbangers went at it after seeing that movie? Some of the older ones with their canes and motorized scooters, some of the not so older ones sporting their sagging pants that they are way to old to be wearing...

    @ sisterstation -- Thanks for the thoughts. I am recovering. Though today was a month to the day and we went to the grave site to find out exactly were it is and pick out the headstone.
    What you say is true. The nurse example is right on. Kind of like some examples I have to give some of my students.
    But tomorrow is the big day. I will no longer have to hear people say elect after they call Mr. Obama President.


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