12 February 2009

Tricks aren't for kids... or teachers

I'm sure there are a lot of teachers who feel like they don't have enough money to make it. Thankfully I can budget and don't try to live like all the Jones' and Shaniqua's who are deeply in debt and getting their homes forclosed on.

There is a lady-teacher in Ohio who apparently really needed some extra money on the side. Either that or she is a sex addict.

She left the elementary school she works at during school hours in order to meet up with a guy she had hooked up with online so that she could perform her prostitute activities.

I wonder what she told the kids in her class, "Kids, I'm going to leave while you are at gym and recess. I have to go see my John." "Is that your son, Ms Carter?" "No, Sweetie. My John is one that I make happy. And then he gives me money." "Kind of like my parent's giving me allowance?" "Almost, only you shouldn't let your parents do the things I do to my John to you. And you shouldn't do them to your parents." "But I want to make them happy, Ms Carter." "I can't keep talking to you about this right now, son. Time is money. And you are wasting mine. Have fun at recess."


Click here to read the whole story.

On completely different note. I just saw a very, very large male student wearing a t-shirt that read "Ladies love man boobs."

I don't think so buddy.

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