10 May 2009

Wanda Sykes: White House Correspondence Dinner

Not sure why they had someone like her there, but she had some funny moments. Some low blows, but some good comedy in there, too. Not sure they will bring her back again.

President Obama gave a good speech and had some funny moments himself. He (or his writers) got some good jabs at a bunch of folks as well. Even had himself cracking up at a few points.


  1. Awww man I heard about this and I was waiting until today to check it out. Thanks for posting this. I had a great laugh this morning.

    I love Wanda, I seriously love that woman and her commentary. I think it may have seemed that some of the peoiple may have been uncomfortable with some of the stuff she said, but best believe theyt were laughing.

  2. Just like Wanda Sykes said, even though they may have looked uncomfortable, they are going to be telling those jokes at work or in their social circles this week and beyond.


  3. Wanda Sykes is easily my favorite entertainer/comedian/commentator. Loved this.

    Obama's not a natural comedian, I don't think, but that just makes him all the funnier when he does crack a joke.


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