26 May 2009

Calgon... (or anyone) take me away!!

There is something about coming back to school after Memorial Day that is really irking me this year. That along with the fact that the authorities at this school are making going to State way more difficult than it needs to be -- especially considering that I am taking one competing athlete.

The children don't seem to understand that their finals start on Thursday and that my giving them three days last week and a long weekend to work on their projects was so that they wouldn't be frantically working during the time I had planned to review today.

There is no air conditioning in the room -- which is a problem when there is only one 2x2 window that leans open in the room.

We are to have a track banquet after school that is also causing way more drama on the side of the admin than is necessary.

Get me out of here.


  1. Me, you, let's hang out and forget about these things.

  2. After this weekend, I am basically free. I will surely take you up on that.

    Much needed.

    And long overdue.


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