01 June 2009

Let them eat cake

Another season of track behind me. Of course, there always has to be some kind of drama associated with the trip. This time it was the school's credit card being declined when I go to check in at the hotel. What?! Yes. Declined. It was already after school hours, so calling the AD didn't help much. Thankfully, though, he put the total on his card over night and called the school people in the morning to straighten it out.

Friday at the track, I had a moment where I almost reverted to anger over the old school State drama.

Sat talking with some of the people I coach summer track with. The guy who used to interview me when I was at the old place came up and sat down with the crew. Of course, he remembers me and asks if I saw how the old school did. I said yes. I was there the first day and checked in the second day to see how it ended up. He asked if I was mad I left so soon, I took a deep breath and told him that I had to leave for teaching reasons (sanity) and that I even though BG doesn't tell other people that he gets his ideas from me, I know, the other coaches know, and the kids have to have some sort of an idea. I told him that that team is like a cake. I made a home-made cake -- picked out the ingredients, made sure they all went well together, threw out the bad stuff, kept the good, baked, tasted, rebaked, until it was all good. BG has not just taken the pre-made batter, but still has the original cook adding the icing on the top.

My analogy that brings me peace. Cheesy, but it works.

The weekend was great. Even though I had just one kid competing, I had his brother come along. The kids are so awesome. Had me cracking up constantly. Coaches were cool too.

To top it all off, I was privileged to witness the high school national record holder for high jump. (Sucked that the year I get a high jumper through to state, there is a kid who has jumped 7'5 3/4" and is ranked #9 in the world.) Very nice to see.

And the summer track girls I help coach from the various schools did great. The high school I graduated from won the whole thing on the girls side.

And I didn't have to come out of pocket on the trip -- first time in years.

Now just one more day of school. Then a teacher work day. Then summer vacation. (My mantra and goal is to do like the munchkins (little people) from "The Wizard of Oz" -- "We get up at twelve and start to work at one. Take an hour for lunch, and then at two we're done. Jolly good fun."

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