02 June 2009


I've always been a fan of the English language. I like to look up new words and learn the meanings of them. I also love editing people's writing.

Apparently, that is not a love that all people have. Today there is a prevalence of text-speak. It has grown so much that I actually have students turn in work with some of the words written as though they are text-messaging a friend.

It doesn't stop with the children, though.

If you are looking for a new church, the one behind my house always seems to have a lot of people. And they just got one of those electric signs that has words moving across it.

The sign welcomes people to their "santuary."

I guess that might be a room adjacent to their sanctuary - maybe where the choir practices before they come out and sing to the congregation.


  1. Sigh...

    Doesn't it seem that more and more people don't know proper spelling or grammar?

  2. Yes. I think with the younger people it stems to the concept of something along the lines of free spelling. For awhile elementary teachers wouldn't correct spelling - they told kids to spell the way they thought the word was supposed to be spelled.

    That really works, right?

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  4. lol! i thought i was the only one who would mentally edit or correct church marquees or signs. funny stuff...


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