24 June 2009

Imagine if we, too, were America

In the summer time, I get to really see more of what is going on in society. I get to see the numerous men who cannot find work, the people who struggle to find food, the kids who cannot afford to be sent away to expensive summer camps or even local sports camps. I get to listen to the hardships.

I get to see America and what it has or has not done for some of its people.

Imagine if it wasn't like this. Imagine if people on this side of the world used Twitter to let other people know the injustices going on in their daily lives just as the people in Iran are now. Imagine if people across this nation would shout out for justice to be served and equal chances to be given for its own people.

Imagine if we, too, were America.


This is Black Ice from Def Poetry.


  1. You knew I needed some of my bf Black Ice this morning, didn't you.

  2. I've been mulling this over...there's a uniqueness to what's going on in Iran that have people on this side of the world captivated.

    I think we're so immune to what's going on in our neighborhoods that we overlook the injustices. Sad.

  3. We have built up a serious immunity as a community/nation so that we are either oblivious to what is going on or we just ignore it or we just think someone else will/should take care of it.

    I don't Twitter, but maybe I should start and just document what I see:
    * 12 homeless men sitting outside shelter early this morning.
    * 5 young black boys being harassed by police unjustly.
    * Man denied job - is it racial?
    * Man put in jail because he had no job and couldn't pay child support - I guess that will help him surely pay, right?
    * Homeless man walking by house with grocery cart full of found cans.
    * Several families hospitalized due to heat exhaustion and lack of air-conditioning in their home.
    * Children taken from single mother cause she couldn't pay bills - calling it child neglect.

  4. I love that Black Ice piece. His 2006 album is off the chain.

    I love what you wrote because it's just how I've been feeling but yet to express concerning this whole Iran deal.


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