28 June 2009

Old words about Michael Jackson

I am still in shock a bit over MJ's death.
Here is an old post I wrote about him that kind of sums up the awe I have had for Michael Jackson and his art (7 reasons "Smooth Criminal" video and Michael Jackson's gang/gangster activities are awesome, as well as my anger at my brother for hording the red zippered MJ-like jacket).

Thriller was the first real album I owned (if you don't count the Mickey Mouse/Donald Duck one and the ones that you played on the system that also showed pictures on the bottom as you read through the book with the record) and I still love it. I have been rocking out each time I drive as radio stations are still paying tribute. When I go outside and hear a car drive by blasting one of his songs, I smile and almost break out in the moon walk.

Hopefully he will rest in peace, as his life here seemed so full of turmoil.

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  1. I wrote this back in 2006, before he died...

    Micheal Jackson
    by Shawn A.

    Physically, I’m fit
    But sexually, I’m split
    So rejected like shit
    I sink into my pit

    Hide behind my mask
    Give myself a task
    Water into a broken flask
    “Possible?” you ask

    No one understands
    From me so many demands
    From near or distant lands
    The labour of my hands

    So I sing and I dance
    To keep them in a trance
    From Singapore to France
    Till I’m pierced by a lance

    The lance is public hate
    Controversy and debate
    For I have no female mate
    They ponder upon my fate

    My childhood is all gone
    My face is white and worn
    Still I’m holding on
    Until I am reborn

    Shawn (c) 2006


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