11 June 2009

Moore, Chappelle, and Rock on police brutality: not completely comedic

There have been so many incidents lately of police "accidentally" hurting/shooting/killing people (brown people in particular) for weird/nonsensical reasons (wallets?).

Here is Michael Moore explaining some of the outrageous police brutality that has occurred in recent times. This is somewhat comical (as Moore often is), but the message is real and it is a shame that it has come to this.

The second video is Dave Chappelle talking about police incidents and 911 calls.

The third video is Chris Rock explaining how not to get your ass beat by the police.


  1. Hi,A
    I blogged not that long ago on the subject of violence against african americans. I have to say, I'm stunned all the time at what goes on, and I quite simply don't understand. I'm reminded of that line in the 60's folk song "how many times can a man turn his head and pretend that he just doesn't see?
    I'm pretty sickened by this most recent event in nyc, the so-called friendly fire incident of the white cop killing the black cop. I think there is this endemic attitude held by too many in law enforcement, that if it's a black guy with a gun he must be a criminal. People have argued to me that white cops get shot and killed too, but you know I just can't remember the last time a white cop was shot "by accident" except maybe in cases of huge gun battles involving many.
    I was thinking the other day of MADD...and the way they made themselves into something of a force simply be becoming watchdogs in the court system. If you read my blog you can see that the number of incidents is quite surprising and spans only roughly 20 years. I live in ny. I'm curious about how often this has happened in other states that I haven't heard about. I think it would be interesting to get some kind of tally going. I do believe that if right thinking people were aware of the true numbers, they could become more engaged in seeking a lasting solution to this appalling state of affairs.

  2. @ sisterstation - I think that in our society, it is the norm to keep turning heads and pretending not to see what is going on.


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