07 June 2009

It works everytime

Remember when Billy Dee Williams was the epitome of cool? That slick texturized hair. That too cool mustache. That look that of constant I-am-way-cooler-than-you-could-ever-even-imagine look. Those cool clothes.

Remember when you used to see commercials for malt liquor on television?

Well, I guess Colt 45 is trying to bring some of that suaveness back to their merchandise. Today, while driving down Forest Park Parkway, I saw an ad on a bus stop for Colt 45. Here's the advertisement:
I guess they are trying to give The Most Interesting Man in the World a run for his money.

Too bad Billy Dee doesn't look like this anymore. Fortunately, most of the people who still drink Colt 45 still try and look like him, though. Well, unfortunately for all of us who have to look at them, but fortunately for the company.

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