09 July 2012

Straight up, now tell me

For some reason, this morning, I was taken back in the shower.

I started singing, "Straight up, now tell me... tell me.  A-do-do you love me? Do you love me?  Bay-bee!"
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That song always reminds me of my childhood and riding my bike to a classmates house after school so she could dub that tape onto a blank tape for me.

It was my first dubbed tape from an original tape - rather than off the radio.

It was always so annoying to tape off the radio since DJs must have been paid by the record companies to talk over parts of the song so that you couldn't get a good recording.

I loved that song and loved to dance to it in my room.

I loved feeling high tech when I finally got a radio with two tape decks so I could dub my own tapes and make mix tapes.


  1. Ohmigosh, I just got hit by a violent wave of nostalgia! And I wasn't even that big an Abdul fan, but that song was the jam! :-D I remember, later in college, a friend of mine giving someone directions and saying, "...and then you gotta do a little Paula AB-dool." (He strongly emphasized the "Ab.") When we all looked at him with confusion, he grinned and said, "Go straight up." (I know, lame story, but I still think that goofy phrase to this very day.)
    Some Dark Romantic

    1. I think I might start giving directions like that! I love it!!


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