30 October 2008

How I have started my day

Woke up late. Had meeting pre-observation meeting with principal (which I had been ready for before I found out that the week-long essay I had planned for one of my preps had already been done by a few of the students last year - hurray for teachers who went to the same training I did; boo for messing up a week of my plans). Had to quickly change plans for teaching and then get them to the principal. Tried to put up some books on the wooden bookshelf , cut my knuckle all the way to the white meat on one of the racks. Went downstairs to the nurses' office to get some Neosporin and a not-quite-my-flesh-color band-aid. Crowded halls made me slip on a step and roll my ankle. Got to nurses. Met the two of them. Nice. They put the band-aid on, but it was not in a way that was conducive to my ease of movement. Got back to the room and was putting on another band-aid when the superintendent and the assistant super came into the room. Couldn't shake hand, but he likes me and she might like me now that she knows that I watch Lost. Chatted a bit since I was on my prep and they couldn't observe my teaching. I'm hungry and it's only 9:13. Still two hours till lunch. Have to improvise a bit on this next class since I am not going to be doing the essay. But I can make it work.

On a bright note, I received an awesome compliment this morning from a coach in the area. I was explaining in an email that I am at this new school and told him who at the old one he could send my stuff to. He congratulated me on the move, but said "I think". I replied about the apprehension I have about people here respecting me as a coach. He replied that "everyone who's anyone already knows what you did at [your old school] - and if [the new coach] doesn't continue your efforts it will really show!"

The little things can sometimes touch so deeply.

As can a stupid wooden bookshelf.

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  1. Congratulations on your nice compliment. I hope the observation went well.


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