12 November 2008

Congested (non) Wordless Wednesday

This is me (well it's not actually me, but how I feel and a contraption that I need):
I have progressed from a sore throat, to a fever, to a clogged nose, to a nose that will not stop running and a head that is congested more than ever.

I blame it on the students at this school who come to school sick, and never cover their mouths and cough directly in my face. By the way, teaching is among the Germiest Jobs - number one if the list is in order of most germy to least germy.

I have Thera-flu'd, chicken noodle souped, Nyquiled, orange juiced, echinacead, etc. But it does not seem to want to leave. I really hate taking medicine, but am drugged up so that I can mask my symptoms and breath out of my nose and occasionally hear people clearly.

And I have already taken two "sick" days, and really hate making sub plans -- they are more pain that actually being in school.

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