31 July 2009

Awwww... here we go

I don't like the Snuggie - think it is ridiculous. I don't care how comfortable some people think they are. Use a blanket or wear a robe. If it is so cold in your home that you can't reach from under the blanket without fear of your hand freezing to death for those 5 seconds, you really need to stop going to so many expensive dinner places, stop putting 37" rims on that SUV that is about to be repossessed and save some money for your heat bill.

As though that invention didn't irk me enough last winter, now there is a Snuggie for dogs. My sister gave me the heads up and you can click here to see video on the Snuggie for Dogs.

As though people need more outfits to dress their dogs up in. And more reason to get a dog carrying case that matches their Gucci/Prada purses. I guess now the owner can dress in matching Snuggies with their dog. Hopefully when the dog wears its own gown-blanket, it won't look like it is being choked -- see woman in the picture.

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  1. Yup those snuggies are ridiculous. And if you're old you better get a life-alert system cuz you're going to be falling a lot, too.
    They're wringing every last nickel out of Billy Mays' voice. The thing that really gets me are the disclaimers for all the drug commercials. Why would you want to take any of that crap when you listen to what it can do to you? And for high annoyance value, how about that anti government-health- insurance commercial where that old couple are bleating about how it's gonna pay for abortions! I think this is gonna back-fire in the face of the producers of this commercial, cuz I just wish those two old bastards would die!


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