04 March 2008

She loves me, but it means nothing

My mom called in to excuse me from the rest of the day.

The attendance secretary busted out laughing. Emailed me. I said it wasn't a joke. She then said that my mother would have to come in to sign me out in person. Unfortunately she is at work all day and cannot do that. She then said that even if she did come in, she didn't think the administration would allow me to leave early.

Students are upset. Faculty is unable to be productive due to the high absences. But we have to strive on in order to have a certain number of school days this year.

I guess I shouldn't complain too much. Some people have to go to work regardless of the weather. And I guess it is better to be here now than have to add day to the end of the year.

My frozen, snow filled glass is half full, instead of half empty.

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