19 March 2008

Something right with the world today

People everywhere are talking about race issues.


Unfortunately it has come at a time where it all could be the highlight or downfall of a man's run for presidency. Many are pointing fingers saying this is a sign that this man is not willing to give in to both sides, others are saying that this is a sign that he is a true uniter. You be the judge.

Over the weekend, I rode with a friend for a about three hours total. For about 1 1/2 of those hours, we talked about race issues. She is white, I am brown. It is really refreshing to have when people are willing to discuss, ask questions -- just try to understand people who are different from them.

The whole "debate" going on in the country right now is nothing new to brown people. It is new to others because they tend to push the issues under the rug, and ignore the big hump of dust, dirt, and grime that is blocking their way to the other room.

I try not to address political issues with this blog. I did so recently because of all the issues going on with this continuous war, with the campaign, and even with brown people's views of themselves (although that is not entirely political).

This one is somewhat similar. I want people to learn from this, to talk about it, to not be afraid to talk about what other people are thinking and feeling about being members of this nation.

AngryBlackBitch wrote on the topic wonderfully on her blog.

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  1. Great post. It's hard to talk about issues like race and politics in any setting besides face-to-face, isn't it? Otherwise, people hide behind anonymity and say vile things that they'd never get away with in person. Or, they just avoid the subject altogether.


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