21 April 2008

Brand new life

Kid Sis #2 had her baby today. First of my siblings to do so.

I know biology and the birds and the bees, but it is still so strange that a being grew inside her stomach. It took me awhile to get used to hearing her talk about the early stages of pregnancy. Then even more time to get used to her growing belly.

But I'm still getting used to the idea of that being being outside of her body and growing as a human. Getting used to the fact that I am an aunt. Getting used to the fact that my mother is a grandmother and father is a grandfather. That I am going to soon start calling her and my parents by different names in order for the kid to understand who I am talking about. Getting used to the fact that Little Sis (who used to have an imaginary friend who was killed in a car crash but was later found to be alive as it was her twin sister who actually died, made up her own language, still cries when you mention the fact that the dog ate her Cabbage Patch kid, stuck hair pins in electrical sockets disrupting my morning cartoon viewing) is now in charge of another human life for at least 18 years.
So exciting.

Also exciting is my track team. Who is doing wonderfully despite some shocking news yesterday and today. But we are survivors and we will persevere despite some losses.

Not quite as exciting -- state testing this Wed-Friday.


  1. Congrats on being an aunt! Hooray for you.

    Heard about the bad news for track. That sucks, and it sucks that this is two years in a row that you've had to deal with that.

  2. I had to click on this thumbnail. So cute! My son was light like that. One of the Christopherisms in my book is a conversation about him wondering why he was white when he was born. ;-)

    1. The joys of melanin!

      That is funny that he asked that.

      This same nephew (four years old now) had an obsession with Michael Jackson up until he learned of super heros. He used to get angry if someone said that the older MJ was the same person as the one he saw in the Budapest (?) concert video he saw. He didn't think the darker MJ was the same as the lighter, long, straight haired MJ.


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