07 April 2008

The sun is still out!!

I really don't remember when last it was sunny for three days in a row. It is amazing what a difference sunlight can have on my attitude and on the attitudes of others.

On Saturday I was awakened by one of my athletes at 6:45am. He was calling to ask for me to see if I could gather some shorts for him at school. He asked me if I was there yet. Of course I wasn't. It was over an hour before we were to meet up. But even that early morning wake up couldn't get me down since the sun was shining in on me from all directions that morning. Turned out his phone had automatically adjusted to daylight savings time this weekend, just as the school clocks and some computers all over did.

Then I had an athlete accused of theft of the concession stand at the track meet. But it really didn't phase me because I was enjoying the sun light. Of course there will be reprimands, but I am still in a good mood from all this sun that I might go easy on the kid.

I am turning brown again. But my feet are still the color of my palms. Hopefully soon it will not only be sunny, but warm enough for me to rock some thong-sandals and tan the feet. Well, at least as tan as they can get. I don't think there has ever been a time when they have gotten as dark as my face or even my legs above the ankles.

Today I was in a good mood all day. Not only is the sun shining, but we have testing three days this week. Which means I don't have much to do for those three days but relax, catch up on some grading, catch up on emailing long-lost acquaintances, pay some bills, and possibly, possibly even read for fun. I honestly can't even remember the last time I was able to do that.

It is supposed to rain tomorrow, but who cares, because the sun is out again for our meet on Wednesday and again on Saturday.

I am going to be my nice golden/red/brown self again!! Yea for vitamin D!!

Good bye seasonal affective disorder/winter depression!!

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