14 April 2008

Mouth-watering, delicious cookies

Last night I was needing something sweet to eat. Not too sweet, not too filling. Just right. And what is the best snack when you want something sweet? Girl Scout cookies.

Usually I get the goods (yes, I call them the goods, because those Thin Mints are like crack) from two or three sources. I don't want to seem like a complete pig, so I order a little from each. That way I end up with a gang of cookies, but each little (or not so little) girl does not realize how many boxes I am actually getting.

This year I only ordered from one kid. I only ordered four boxes. I didn't want to eat them all right away, so I put them all in the freezer for safe storage until I really was feigning.

Last night was one of those days.

I opened the freezer to grab a box and let it start thawing.

Nothing was there. At least nothing that looked like a box of Girl Scout cookies.

That's when I realized that I had left them upstairs in the other apartment. I threw on some clothes and ran up there as fast as I could. Last time I checked there had been people in there looking at the windows and checking all the cabinets to make sure I hadn't left any belongings.

I opened up a freezer to find nothing but some ice cubes. And the tray wasn't even full.

I guess they ganked my cookies.

And it's so far after the season that I think I will just have to go without for another year.

If you find me curled in a corner with the shakes, or talking to a girl in a green or brown vest begging her to take my shoes/clothing/video games/dvds/car in exchange for the last crumbs at the bottom of the cardboard box that used to hold cookies, you know what's going on.

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