03 July 2008

Even Niecy has never seen such foolishness

If you have never seen the show Clean House, this is the time to start watching. They just showed the Messiest House in America. I saw Niecy actually begin to get angry. I thought she was going to get hood on them. I thought she was ready to grab the man's cane and smack the husband.

I am speechless. I am not sure whether to laugh or to cry or to just drive where ever these two people are and smack them in the head about 16 times or force some Pine Sol into their hands along with a sponge.

This house was beyond clutter, beyond dirty. A sample picture is here (I believe this was the kitchen, but you can also see a slide show here of their house -- before and after.

These people had no inch of space that was not full of clutter. There were rotten eggs, supremely dirty dishes, boxes, some kind of fly collecting contraption, animal hair, and just more dirt and grime than I can imagine or describe. The walls were full of grime, the door borders -- gross. Even their toilet was atrocious. Atrocious. I have never seen anything like it.

And the woman had the nerve to say that she wants to bring a kid into the house. That really got me laughing out loud. If she even thought about adopting a child I would hope that child services would laugh in her face and tell her to move on to another vision.

The fact that they have the messiest home in the country competition is disturbing, but not as much as this show and this particular home.

You've got to watch this show. Style Channel - be warned if you have a light stomach.


  1. Oh my God. OH MY GOD. Thanks for the great, yet horrifying post.

    Does the clean-up come with 10 years of psychotherapy? HOW did that happen?

    They must have found centipede condos in that kitchen. Sweet Jesus (But I have to say, I LOVE that kitchen now, with the Fiesta Ware-jade green and the poppy red,
    and the FRONT LOADER washer and dryer)!

    I would never be considered the best housekeeper in the world, and frankly, I have a small pile of paper waiting to be shredded, but I'm not crawling over it to get to the bathroom!

    Do you think the "winners" will be able to maintain their home, or do you think they secretly hate themselves so much that they will turn it into a pit of despair, again??

  2. They found over a pound of cat poop along with crap loads of insect feces.

    It really does look nice now, but they had a lot of junk they wanted to keep (stored in 50 decent sized containers in the attic even after the redesign) so I'm sure eventually it will get back to the way it was -- or at least more cluttered than it is now.

    And it is ridiculous to consider them winners.

    How come normal people can't get some free redecorating of their homes, or free money, at that.

  3. That's interesting and sad.

  4. I watch that show all the time and I can't believe people live like that. What a hot mess!

    Something is wrong upstairs. I feel like going to clean something just looking at that photo.


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