16 July 2008

Nephew, paparazzi, and Bansky art

Trying my hands at a (semi-) Wordless Wednesday post.

First up my nephew, who has decided at almost three months that he is tired of the paparazzi.
Next up, some amazing graffiti from Bansky, a British artist who though famous for the drawings, has remained pretty unknown by the masses since he does not even let his true name be known for certain. Beautiful, amazing. (Heard of him through Village of Joy's blog.)

Click on an image for a bigger view.

You can see more at Bansky's site. Be sure to click next so you can see more. And also go through the all the different types of drawing style links on the far left side. Click here to get to Bansky's site.


  1. Love the shot of your nephew! How can you not adore those chubby baby arms?

    I like the idea of Wordless Wednesday, and even tried it myself this week...but failed miserably. I still wrote too much, and even titled it "Semi-Wordless..." as you said.

    Hard to stop writing sometimes!

  2. Hey Stuck, Thanks for the intro to Bansky. I love art and political/social cartoons.

  3. Glad you all enjoyed the images.

    I'll try to post more next Wednesday.


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