24 October 2012

October Photos: Week 3

October Photo-a-Day continues.  Prompts were selected by Fat Mum Slim - click the link to see the month's full list.

October 17 - Fruit
17. Nothing better than sweet, crisp Fuji apples.  Especially during apple season.  These, from Trader Joe's were delightful!

October 18 - Made you smile today
18. Left: my ticket when I walked into Time Warner Cable on 96th and Broadway.  Right: The number they were serving when I walked in.  You can see my estimated wait time was 37 minutes.  I was called after about 40 minutes, so they were pretty accurate.  The wait was annoying, but it all put a smile on my face because the trip will help me save money.  I was returning the cable box since I don't watch tv.  I now only have internet in the apartment.  I have honestly only watched about 4 hours of tv in the two+ months that I have been in NYC.  Very strange considering that the tv was always on and I was basically always watching something (likely stupid) when I was in St. Louis.

October 19 - Letters
19. I finally have an income! (Though it still may be 6-8 weeks before they give me credit for years I taught in MO and for having a master's degree - but don't get me started on that... I just look forward to the back pay.)  I don't have a bank here and am not sure if I will open one.  I am fine with my online bank and my StL credit union.  I mailed two checks to the credit union for deposit and they mailed me back (without me asking for it) some deposit slips and pre-addressed envelopes for if (really, when) I send them more checks.  Unfortunately, I sat on my yoga mat opening mail after I had already sent another check to them in the mail.  I'll be ready next time.

October 20 - Four o'clock
20. Weekends are for roaming the city.  There are always so many new things to see.  New York is known for the little dogs.  Also for dog walkers since people may not be able to get home early enough to let their dogs out.  Now that it is getting cooler, the dog sweaters are coming out, too.  Around four o'clock, I saw this Pet Hotel in Chelsea and had to take a picture to send to Kid Sis #1 and her new dog.  I have seen such places on tv - along with the spas and eateries for dogs, but never in person.

October 21 - Calm
21. On this Sunday, I walked around in various parts of the west and east sides of Manhattan.  On the west side, I saw this amazing building off of 42nd Street.  It had nice trees outside, but had this amazing greenery inside.  I'm not sure what the building is for, but it was beautiful to see.  I just wonder how many bugs they have in there.  It always makes me pause when I see green in the city since it cannot be found everywhere like I am used to in Missouri.  The lower picture is closer to the east side close to 28th Street.  There was this amazing aroma of flowers and plants and this really cool plant store.  I had to take a picture.  I love how you can see the rays of sun in the photo!

October 22 - In your town
22. I found this nice pizza place close to school that I can get lunch from (I love being able to leave school during lunch break and get some food, especially with so many places within two-three blocks walking distance.  I try not to do it more than once a week since the money adds up, though)  I know that in my new town, New Yorkers have some accents where they drop the Rs of their words, but I didn't think they dropped them in when they write the words, too.  This soup menu calls it New England Clam Chowde.  I'm not sure if this is a different variation or just a mistake.  It was done for both of the "chowdes" on the menu.

October 23 - The view from here

23. My four year old, super cute nephew watched some of the debate with Kid Sis #2.  As he watched and the issues were discussed, his focus was likely on the way the men talked and the way they carried themselves each time he looked up from his toys or books.  If only everyone's views were so simple.  I love that he loves the President's 'flawed' ears.  I'd like to think that this young boy is going to continue to like people despite what some consider their flaws.  I love it!

You can see photos from Week 1 and Week 2 of October by clicking those links.


  1. "especially his ears" LOVE that! :0)

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    1. The one I saw on the tv show looked really great... like one I would want to stay in.


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