12 May 2008

Gun control? How about crazy control and some wishes?

Lots happening, but right now I just have to post this video. I can't really even begin to describe all the various thoughts running through my head as I watched it. The title of the link was "This is why you need a gun." I am not a fan of a concealed weapon, but this might have to be an exception.

I usually don't like to present bad images of people of colour, but this is absolutely ridiculous. Please, though, when you view this, know that not all brown people act like this.

I can kind of understand why no one went after the guy outright to get him to stop. It is not a bright idea to go up to a crazy man with a bat and expect to talk sense to him. But, help me understand why the car in front of this lady did not move the &*^*^ out of her way so she could get away from this dude.

I think it is the Kings of Comedy show where one of the comedians talks about the difference between the wishes of black people and the wishes of white people. White people wish for things by saying I sure do wish he would stop. I wish someone would help me. I wish this car would move. I wish this would never happen to me.

Black people are a little bit different with their wishes. Because if this happened to me or anyone near me. My wish would not be about having the car move. It would be about if the car did not move. Or if this dude did come up to my car. Or if he did hit my shit with a baseball bat. Or if no one came to my aid. My wish:

I wish a motha-fucka would!

Because it would not be pretty if this happened to me. I would have had to roll him over a few times. After he stopped beating my car, I would have had to get his bat and start hitting their car for being dumb shits and not moving out of my way. Bump that. He has a bat. He obviously does not have a gun. So I would get out of my car with what ever I had in there. Umbrella, backpack, car jack -- whatev. And beat him back. Beat him like old ladies beat purse snatchers. Only I don't have osteoporosis, so that shit would hurt. And I would have come back to the corner he claims a his own and done some serious damage. Well, maybe not by myself, but with some assistance of some sort. I for sure would have gone after the camera man who let this dude do this to my car.

On a final note, do not be afraid of every brown person walking on the street when you drive. Just the crazy asses with bats who run up to you on a street corner they deem their own.

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