08 May 2008

Throwback Thursday

Some of my students at school are very retro when it comes to their fashion and the songs that they sing in the hallway. Early '90s, late '80s. It's really refreshing to hear them sing some actual songs with lyrics that meant something rather than Soulja Boy or something.

Though it's not refreshing to see an old hairstyle still on a student with all the gel encrusted to her one side of her head. She is still rocking her prom hair two weeks after the actual dance. I wonder how she sleeps at night. I remember Tokini used to say she tried to sleep with her head in her hands so that she wouldn't mess her dos up. But I guess for her it has all worked out as she is now a professional hairstylist traveling the country for hair shows and getting on tv shows doing the stuff. But I'm hoping she has found a better way to make her hair styles stay.

Back to the throwbacks - the best comment came today when a student came up to me between classes as I was monitoring the hall way to make sure another "fight" didn't start like the one I encountered this morning.

Student: I want to ask you something, but I don't want you to be offended.
Me: Ok. What kind of question is it that might offend me? Are you sure you want to risk it?
Student: Yeah. My mother was talking with my auntie the other day about how she still has that whip appeal.
Me -- start smiling, but try to hold it in with that old school reference.
Student: Do you have that whip appeal? What is whip appeal? How do you know when you have it?
Me -- can't hold in the laugh any more; it starts and almost can't stop
Student: What? (looking confused)
Me -- tries to explain whip appeal to the girl

Wow. Who thought Babyface stuff would come back? Seriously. I guess it's not totally back, but, why is her mother still using the phrase in 2008 when it came out in like 1989?

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