31 August 2012

Not eager for mornings

I know I sound stupid in complaining about this, but I am not ready to start waking up early again for work.

I have had an extended summer vacation (Missouri gets out of school a month earlier than New York and New York is going to start after Labor Day - almost a month after St. Louis schools).

But it is always so hard to readjust to the time span of the day.

I am on day three of a retreat with my new school (which is going so wonderfully) and even being ready at 8:30 is a challenge.

How am I going to cope with waking up at 5, taking a subway for an hour and being at work before seven?  I'm not really sure.


  1. I would love to say it will be easy, but 3 months into a new routine (only half an hour earlier get up than before!) and I am still struggling :-/ but then I am really not a morning person.

    Good Luck.

    1. It's always so hard readjusting... and the time changes twice a year don't help!

  2. Today both my sisters traveled to their school to setup their rooms. They are both realizing the summer for them is almost over. I am sure you will do great. Commuting here takes some getting used to, but it will become routine. I travel into Manhattan from LI on the LIRR and then the subway..Up at 4:20 am, and leave the house at 5:30..It is a long day...but after 10 years, I am used to it.

    Have a great weekend, and all the best next week!

    1. I think I will get used to it. I was out in Long Island for a teacher retreat last week. I was thinking that I couldn't imagine an hour commute from there, but then remembered that I will have an hour commute from home to school, too.

      I think it will be fine... better than having to drive myself for that amount of time. I can read, veg, people watch, or do whatever. And I'm pretty much waking up at the same time I did last year (at least that is the plan) so I should get used to it (though it is really an hour earlier with the time change to Eastern from Central).

      Good luck to your sisters on their new school year!


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