28 August 2012

Shipping comfort

I didn't use any sort of truck getting to NYC.  I didn't even bring my lovely car.  Instead, I brought the basics and had a few other basics shipped.

The shipping process was pretty smooth.  I had some things shipped directly to my apartment, others to the FedEx location where I picked them up.  I am still waiting on one last box (the contents of which I cannot remember).

Yesterday, after over a week of living here, I received the best package yet.


I didn't really think it would be that bad to sleep without pillows for a few days.

Clearly, I wasn't thinking.

It is not comfortable, especially when sleeping on an air mattress.  For over a week.  My new bed should arrive this Friday meaning a total of two weeks on an air mattress.

Last night's rest was glorious.

Still uncomfortable on the air mattress, but at least my neck was not uncomfortable.  And I wasn't laying on a makeshift pillow made of a blanket or a towel.

I also had the cable and internet turned on yesterday which makes me feel like a real person again.  What was the first thing I watched?  House Hunters.  Yes, I know that some of it is staged, but it is still a show I enjoy watching.  I guess I just like looking into people's homes and their home options and hearing their ridiculous reasons for rejecting a house.

Even when I walk down the street at night (used to drive) I try and get peaks into the homes that don't have their blinds closed.  I like to see what they have inside, and how it is arranged.


  1. Ha! I once knew someone who was on House Hunters. :)

    I am so picky about my pillow. If I go on an overnight anywhere; it has to go with me. HAS to go. Or I don't sleep much, if at all.

    1. I might need to invest in a portable pillow for travel situations.

  2. :-( after six weeks without a bed I can sympathise, at least I still had my pillows!!

    Got to say though I am more for having a noses at people's gardens, added bonus you don't need the blinds to be open ;-)

    1. I cannot even imagine going that long without a bed.

      I love looking at gardens, too!! It is all so fun and gives so many ideas.

  3. LOL! Pillows, I don't think I could sleep without those. The other thing I missed last time I moved and was waiting for my stuff to arrive was tea towels. It's surprising how many times a day you reach for one without realising it.

    1. Towels are also a big deal. Fortunately, I packed a few different sized towels and was ready for my basic towel needs.


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