28 September 2008

Good friends + Procrastination + Samwell = Pure comedy

There are times in my life when I sit doing work and am distracted by my thoughts/my friends/the sounds outside/my hunger, etc. Today the distraction came in the way of my thoughts and friends. I was preparing my lessons for my world history classes (yes, plural -- I am actually planning for the whole week right now) when I received a call from my man friend. Of course, I took the call. Of course, we get on some random tangents about some stuff he has seen in NYC and some people I have come across today and in the past.

Some how we started talking about people with large rear ends -- not necessarily wide, but the kinds that protrude to the back a lot, the kind that make you say da-amnnn and wonder about basic functions and daily activities that must be difficult for that person.

Then the convo went to where it inevitable goes when the two of us talk about butts -- no nothing graffic or x-rated.

I bring you Samwell.

Please... you must watch the video. The intro is a bit long, but then he gets started in on the lyrics. Some of you may be turned off by the content, but you must stick around to see the special effects throughout the video. And his eye gestures and facial expressions are fabulous.

I want to say that Michelle introduced me to Samwell a few years ago. And I have been entertained and tickled by him ever since.


  1. folk got too much time on they hand - that was comical

  2. This Is Just to Say

    I have eaten

    the plums

    that were in

    the icebox


    and which

    you were probably


    for breakfast


    Forgive me

    they were delicious

    so sweet

    and so cold

    -----------by aoc gold


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