15 September 2008

Quick start to a long day

Last night I had the best night's sleep. Even woke up a few times thinking of how great I was sleeping and how comfortable I was. Had some incredibly inspiring dreams of my changing the world for the better through workshops with KBO, her husband, my man, and some bloggers I follow (who it was weird dreaming of since I don't know what they look like).

At one point I was thinking how it felt like I was sleeping forever and it was so nice compared to the rain storm that was Ike's remnants yesterday morning. Then I had some random thought of how I hope it never comes down to me being late to work since it is much further than the last job and it would be harder to get there quicker.

Went back to sleep. Woke up again to another dream of a bunch of stray cats coming to torment me in my crib. I placed them in some sort of drawer but they kept getting out and long jumping on to my legs in an attempt to cuddle with me.

I stopped using an alarm clock a long, long time ago when I became too blind to see even a clock that was on a night stand basically on the mattress. Even with the Lasik now and my oh, so better than perfect vision, I still don't use an alarm clock since I really don't like the light that they emit. Stick with the cell phone.

So this morning I looked over to the cell phone and almost crapped my platform bed. It was 45 minutes past the time I normally get up. It was 15 minutes before the time I like to be at the workplace.

I hate to rush in the morning. I like to be able to check my email and see if anything has changed in the world since I last was online. I like to be able to take a peaceful shower. I really like to enjoy my couple bowls of cereal in the morning. (Breakfast is honestly the best meal ever invented. I even partook in some breakfast with beer the other night while out with KBO and Derek at Blueberry Hill -- I had no idea they served it all day.)

Not today.

Fortunately I get all my stuff ready the night before -- clothes, lunch, bag of stuff for school, keys, toiletries, etc, so I did pretty well. Brushed my teeth, showered, and was out the door 16 minutes after my heart almost exploded from the shock of how late I was. Made it there in record time and with a few minutes before classes began.

Once I got in, I also remembered that I have a meeting that doesn't start until 6, with dinner for it starting at 5:15. So I have a 12 hour day today.

On the bright side, with the high rate that my heart was beating at the shock of being so late, I think that could count as my cardio workout for about a week, so I can continue being lazy about exercising.


  1. Glad you made it to work.

    I don't like using my cell phone for an alarm. I'm always afraid I'm going to set it wrong and not wake up, so I lay there worrying about it when I should be sleeping!

    We have a geriatric alarm clock (with two alarms, one for me and one for DH). It has two brightness settings, and the lower of the two isn't bad. I can't see it on the far side of the bed without my glasses on, so I have another clock on MY side that I can see if I squint hard enough.

  2. I used to have a cellular phone that had multiple alarms that could be set. That was much more convenient as I could set it for weekend naps,and not have to worry about it changing the work week alarm. This new phone doesn't do that, so I have to remember to change it when I take naps after work and when I have to set it on weekends.

    You should consider Lasik. It is really an amazing feeling to be able to see objects across the room or even to be able to clearly see objects in the shower or not have to worry about paying insurance for an eye doctor or buy glasses or contacts.



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