05 September 2008

He knows how the world works?

Possibly the best lines in the speech by McCain yesterday. (And by best, I mean the ones that caused me to gasp in astonishment and wonder if he really thinks these things of himself.)

"I know how the world works."

Oh. Really. I know you are older and perhaps that makes you a bit more knowledgeable about this. Though, most of the older people I know don't claim to understand the complicated workings of the world in which we live. Or maybe you are God.

I know how to secure the peace."

Oh. Why have you been hiding this from the rest of the world for all these years? What's the secret? Please, do tell.

Video from John Stewart. Saw it the other night, then was reminded of it on KBO's site. Great at showing the contradictions that are huge in the right's media sources.

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  1. Stuck, this was an excellent video choice. Man, the one great thing about this Palin Circus is that it's revealing as never before what incredible liars the front men are in the media. Folks see the contrast with how they handle the exact same issue and spin it to serve the GOP in blatant ways. Maybe this will bring change and push Obama into the White House.


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