11 December 2012

You don't always need the whole pie

After school, I was talking with some students about Pi Day and how a teacher I used to work with would reward a student with a whole pie if they could recited the most digits of pi in the school.

A student started laughing and wouldn't tell me what the hell was so funny.  She just told me to ask another teacher about "the whole pie."

I did later today and found out about their little inside joke.

The teacher had talked with some students about some basic sex ed issues.  They were informed that intimacy is like a pizza pie - you have to ask each time what the person wants on the pie even if they usually get the same thing, you still have to ask to be sure what they want.  You also don't have to eat the whole pie (go all the way to sex).  Sometimes, you just want a slice or two and not the entire pie.

And that is ok.


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