08 January 2012

Have you seen my childhood?

When I was a child, I don't know that I ever really knew what I wanted to do when I "grew up".  I went through a few different phases of career goals.  For awhile, I wanted to be a psychiatrist like my father, a lawyer, like my mother.  A writer, a singer, a radio host, an actor, a professional athlete.  My thoughts ran a huge spectrum.

Perhaps, my lack of direction as a child is what has gotten me to the stage I am in today. 

I still am not sure what I want to do with my life, or how I want to get the different things I want to get (some of which are rather vague).  

I am pretty sure that I am good at what I am doing now, teaching, but I don't want to stay in this occupation forever.  

I don't want to work forever.  

I would love to be able to do something that would provide me with residual income of some sort, or at least something I could do where I could be the boss of me.  * Cue Malcolm in the Middle theme music*

Perhaps if I had focused as a child, I would be better today.

I sometimes wish that I had superpowers.  My desire would be to be able to go back in time and make changes... yeah, so that would change a lot of things that are happening now, but I'm pretty sure that a lot of things would be better if I could even make small changes to the things I did, the way I reacted in different situations, the way I approached activities, the people I engaged with, etc.

This was my Stream of Consciousness post for this Sunday.  I like the idea, and it actually helped me get out of a rut (a little bit) with my posting for this NaBloPoMo.

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  1. Find something that is your passion then it will not feel like 'work' or so they said. I too still trying to figure this one out :)

    Oh and yes SoC Sunday does help since I fell off the wagon and didn't post anything for NaBloPoMo for 2 days.

  2. Oh, hello. We must be twins separated at birth. You described me and my life to a tee, with the exception of educated career-driven parents. I know I've written about this before but I have had some awakenings about all of this. I'll share with you sometime ;)

  3. @ Maureen - I am still trying to find that passion. Good luck with your search, too.

    @ all.things.fadra - Thanks for stopping by - and hosting SOS.


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