01 January 2012

Long hair, don't care

Three nights ago, I had my boyfriend's niece cut my hair.  She is in school to be a cosmetologist, and has learned a lot about hair.  She hasn't yet learned how to cut a fro, but I gave it a go anyway.

She used a traditional method you would use on straight hair.  It was not too bad, but once washed out, it was not super even all the way around.

Two nights ago, I decided to do another big chop.  In total, in two days, I cut off about five inches of hair.


Back to under an inch in length.

I'm using this as a new beginning in a few different ways.

I am going to retrain my hair to not be tangled, I am going to retrain my self to take better care of my hair, I am going to learn more ways to protect the ends as it grows so that it looks great as it gets longer, I am going to keep it shaped as it grows out so that it looks great as it gets longer.

I am going to become more disciplined with my hair and my life.

In my life, I basically am more of a follower to some extent.  I don't just do what others do, but I am slightly lazy and more or less let things go as they go, unless it is something I have an understanding for and can control easily.

I am going to begin to take more control.  I am not going to allow others and outside situations to dictate what I am doing.  I am not going to let others allow me to fail.  I am not going to allow people to annoy me.  I am not going to sit back and not know what I want.  I am going to formulate plans and take action to really figure out what I want in all situations.

I am going to begin to take more control.

No, this is not some sort of Jan 1st resolution that will fail in a few weeks.  This is something I have been working on throughout the past year and that I feel I will be even better at this year.  

My hair is just the beginning of my new beginnings.


  1. Hi There! I found your blog on NaBloPoMo.

    I love the outlook you have about your hair both in letting your boyfriend's niece cut it, wanting to grow it out healthier this time around and taking control of your life!

    Not sure if you're looking for any tips about growing healthier hair but having donated twice (17" to Locks of Love and 18" to Pantene Beautiful Lengths) in the past 9 years I thought it might be worth mentioning the two most important tips I learned from two stylists is to not wash my hair every day (once a week is recommended but that's kind of hard to do, twice a week is easier) and to never use a blow dryer on the hot heat setting.

  2. Thanks! I figure it's just hair so it will grow back... this time even better.

  3. Good luck. I should do the same....

  4. Hair. For some reason, it's such a big deal--until it isn't anymore. A while back, I blogged about befriend my curls. The plan was to learn to love the gray, too, but I'm not quite there yet. ;O)

  5. It is just hair. But it is such a big deal for everyone most of the time.

    Even for me, before my first big chop, I was afraid to let it go.

    Now, one of my favorite looks is the almost completely bald head. I got the most compliments like that and it really fit my face and made me look (somehow) more feminine.

    I am still learning the best ways to tame the coils as they grow out, but have definitely begun to learn what does not work.

  6. interesting thoughts. it is more than just hair. something so simple like a hair cut can start something bigger, so awesome!

    i am out blog jogging today. I am visiting the blogs of the person who commented before me in the comment thread and commenting on their blog (did you follow all that?)...i came from Materialistic Mess!

  7. Cutting -or choosing not to cut-- our hair can be so symbolic. When I first left home, I cut mine short. It meant SO many things.

  8. Wow. this is amazing.
    That's how I felt back in 2009
    when I looked at myself in the mirror and I was crying. I had damaged my hair. I took the scissors and just cut all my hair off.
    I felt as if I were in control and I was. I made a vow that I'll remain natural for as long as I can.
    It's been 3 yrs moving on 4 in a few months
    It's little steps like such that makes us realize it's time to be the driver not the passenger of our own journey.
    I can totally relate to this post 100%
    Thanks for sharing


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