10 January 2012

Too tired to cry

I was so tired today that I wore jiggly earrings to work so that if I moved even slightly they would make noise which would hopefully keep me awake.

I was so tired that when I got to school and none of my desk drawers opened (they were somehow jammed shut) I wanted to cry, but was too tired to exert the energy needed to do so and then clean myself up.  Instead, I invested in the help of the resident strong man and the resident tool man.

I was so tired that I semi-stumbled over my heavy feet while walking through the hall to retrieve items from the copy room.  Even though tired, being a formidable (though far from in shape) athlete, I was able to prevent a fall.

I was so tired that I thought I wouldn't make it through class each hour.  Fortunately, I did, and even managed to teach a really awesome lesson on culture.

After school, I went to a scheduled doctor's appointment.

My appointment was for 2:45.  I was in the waiting room and checked in by 2:35.  I watched about three people who arrived after me go to the back before me.  Made me think of this Curb Your Enthusiasm scene.  I was not called into a room until 3:09.  The nurse spoke to me to find out what I needed, and then I had to wait.

And wait.

Why do they do this?  Why the tease?  Why make it seem like you are going to be seen when you leave the waiting room, only to have to sit for another 15+ minutes.

The doctor came in, we talked for about two minutes, and then she left.  For another 10 minutes.

I had a brief laugh when I thought of these scenes from Curb (check out 0:53 and watch Jerry Seinfeld's face... I know the show is non-scripted, but he seemed as though he really was shocked at the turn in the conversation).

Then I played a few minutes of Unblock Me on the cell.  Usually, the game is really easy.  For some reason, today, I was stuck on a puzzle for at least four minutes.  It was really depressing.

I turned off the game.

And then, all of a sudden, I almost cried.


No, it wasn't because of the depressing ass Tracy Chapman, Hootie, DMB, and Alanis music.

It was simply because I was seriously exhausted and overwhelmed by the intricacies of this and all my decades of doctor visits.

If I hadn't been too tired to search the room for tissues, a trashcan, and explain to the doctor (if she ever came back) what I was upset about, I would have cried.

Instead, I used my yoga breathing and sucked it up... like I tend to do these days.


  1. That certainly was an interesting video. Things that make you go, hmmm.... Hope you get some good sleep soon!

  2. You know, sometimes I think a good cry is just exactly what the Dr ordered. (or it should be) Hope today was better!

  3. @ Nannette Turner - I hope I get some better sleep, too. Hopefully soon.

    @ Beckey - A good cry is what I need, unfortunately, I hate crying because of all the after stuff that goes along with it... sinuses, snot, puffiness, nose staying stuffy for a long time after the cry (so I can't do it right before bed, or before work) etc. I know that I should just do it, but I really have to be prepared to have the good cry that I know I need.

  4. A day later, I hope you're feeling better.

    Yesterday I was using a public computer to check on the posts stacked up in my Reader. The computer's filters wouldn't let me in because of the word "pussy" :-)

  5. @ Kathy G - Thanks. HAHA! Sorry that kept you out.


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