02 March 2012

My kids are maturing faster than NeNe Leakes

The other day I was watching RHOA.  I haven't seen the show at all this season until these episodes where the ladies went to South Africa.

I was not surprised to see the regular tomfoolery arise despite the ladies vow to keep beef at bay.

What was pleasantly shocking was NeNe Leakes standing up and trying to stop two ladies from arguing loudly and aggressively with each other.  In her commentary she said that it was really awful to watch them screaming at each other and that for the first time, she realized how ridiculous she looks when she is arguing with people.

I'm not really sure why it took her so far into her adult life to know that as a grown woman she looks crazy yelling and screaming and sometimes even swinging on other grown women, but at least she finally had this belated revelation.

Perhaps, she can soon realize that she shouldn't take 10 full-sized suitcases with her when she travels for 10 days.  Or maybe that she should wear appropriate shoes instead of 4" stilettos when going on safari.

Today in school, there were two girls who got into a verbal altercation over some drama.

It was really great to have two girls trying to keep them apart and prevent it from becoming physical.

It was even better that the two girls breaking it all up were girls who were usually the ones in who are in the middle of intense verbal fights.

Even better that these kids have started this change so much sooner than NeNe.


  1. Reality TV. The fighting is just for awesome drama.

    1. Isn't it ridiculous!! And it seems that each reality show has to have some sort of dramatic relationship!

  2. I don't know why... I asked on www.formvote.com and most people seem to be leaning towards it being the media.


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