22 March 2012

My killer green thumb

How bad am I at managing the lawn at the house I live?

So bad that I have already had to mow the back yard.  Not because the grass has grown long, but because the weeds have taken over and were growing so long that when I looked out back, I inevitably sang the Grandmaster Flash song, "The Message".
It's like a jungle sometimes
it makes me wonder
How I keep from going under.
It was really a jungle out.

Yesterday, I chucked out 60+ dollars on some weed killer/grass grower and some plant killer that will hopefully kill off the weeds that have over taken what used to be the rose garden.

Not even sure if you can tell that there is a rose bush in the pictures there are so many weeds!

We'll see how well I do with the application of my attempt to murder the weeds goes.  It rained today, and the directions say to apply the killer/grower on wet grass.  The plant killer, I will apply to the flower bed and, hopefully, kill everything out there since I don't even care much for the roses either.  I have been stabbed enough times trying to prune them over the years.

The only green thumb I have is the one when I am making a smoothie mixed with some spinach and some of the awesomely-tasty drink spills on my thumb as I pour it into the cup.


  1. Ha! I love your play on words with the title of this post. Very clever.

    Also, I have been pining over your "You might also like" stuff, and have been trying to figure out how you did it. Just now saw the LinkWithin thing...done. Bam. Love it. Thank you for having such a cool blog so I can emulate you a little bit. I hope that's okay?

    1. Glad you figured it out because I can't remember how I added it. Feel free to emulate! And, hopefully, if you have questions about something else, I can actually answer the question.

    2. It might be interesting to discover what is under all those weeds after you apply the weed color.


    3. We'll see after the rains stop and I apply the product if it takes effect. If it works, perhaps, I'll plant something else that is easier to care for. Or, I may decide to lay down some nice looking rocks and hope that nothing grows anymore.


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