14 November 2012

November Photos - Week Two

I am loving taking pictures of things in my life.  These are the second week of November pictures based on the list from Fat Mum Slim's November-Photo-A-Day Challenge.

November 7 - Reflection
7. I love my small metal wallet.  I decided to use it to showcase a reflection of myself on this day.

November 8 - Something you do every day
8. Rarely a day goes by when I don't ride the subway somewhere in NYC.  I usually am on the ones that go underground.  Because of Sandy, I had to take a different subway to and from work for four days.  It lets me off on the outside/upstairs.  It was kind of nice to be outside, but this was also during the time of the big winter cold storm we had right after Sandy.  It was cold.  One day, it was snowing while I was waiting to get on the train to go home.  This night (since it is getting darker earlier due to the awful daylight saving time change) I was able to watch some of the sunset from the station while I waited for the train.  Pretty cool.

November 9 - Small
9. All throughout the apartment, there are these nail holes.  I have never seen so many nail holes in my life.  There is, seriously, not a portion bigger than two square feet that does not have at least two nail holes or tape on the wall - even really close to the ground.  There are places where tape has been painted over with layers and layers of paint.  We thought we had pulled out all the rusty nails and tape after the first few days of being here, but there are still days - months into our stay - where we will be just chilling and suddenly see a new nail or a new piece of tape.  It really makes me wonder what the previous tenants had up on the walls and what it must have looked like with it all up for display.  The above picture is a six inch part of the wall and has five nail holes.  When I glance up, I sometimes think the holes are little bugs and I get up to kill them.  Then I realize it is just another nail hole.

November 10 - Can't/Won't Live Without
10. Since being in NYC, I have been without a car.  I have been using the subway for all travel except for a few days post Sandy and one day a while back when I had a lot of stuff I needed to lug back from Target, and the night I saw Tim Gunn and it was after 11 when it was over and I just wanted to get home quick.  This is the subway/bus pass.  It is the most used item in my metal wallet.

November 11 - Night
11. I am all about doing whatever I need to do (well unless it costs too much or involves me going to someone beside myself) to keep my hair healthy.  This was something that was so new to me that, this night, I had to take a picture of it so I could remember to Google it when I got home.  According to several sources, placenta in your hair is the perfect conditioner.  Little did I know.

November 12 - Drink
12. We have so many days off here in NYC - they are enjoyable for now, but we'll see when it is the end of June (literally) and I am still teaching - much different from the late May end of school in StL.  Monday was Veterans' Day and I took it as an opportunity to run some errands.  While out and about I found a Chipotle.  Haven't been there in many, many months.  It was really good.  Not as good as the local place by my old place of work, but still good.  I drank this clementine soda-thing.  In HS I swore off soda due to it's lack of purpose nutritionally.  I didn't drink soda again until about 4 years ago.  Still don't drink it much, but wanted to try this out since it said it was natural and had no added sugars.  Not too bad.

November 13 - Where you slept
13. This is my simple platform bed.  And this is my simple quilt-like blanket.  It keeps me warm, it helps me sleep.  It, along with some good melatonin get me through most nights.

You can see my photos from the first week of November by clicking here.


  1. I love the wallet, and your reflection in it!! And I love love melatonin!!

    1. :-)


      Melatonin is my best friend many nights.

  2. Oooo I'm loving these photographs! Little snapshots into your life in NYC :)

    1. Thanks! I need to do more outside shots of The City. I love sharing them!


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