20 November 2012

Pranks, truancy and McDonald's

I love playing jokes on people.  I love that I can say things with a straight face and get people to believe me.

My 8th grade Advisory students earned enough good behavior points to earn a special lunch. They chose to go out to eat.  So, today, I took the seven who turned in their permission slips out to eat.  I was democratic and allowed them to vote on their destination.  They chose McDonald's. 

When we had our food and were eating, a police van pulled up in front of the restaurant.

The cops got out of their van and started talking to three young school-aged people outside the restaurant.  I told the kids that the cops were probably coming to get them since they were not in school.  

The kids laughed off the idea until they saw the cops pulling two of the kids aside outside and looking really serious.

Then the police came inside and immediately started walking toward our group.  I was in my coat and a beanie-type hat and knew the police would not immediately realize I was the adult.

The cops started asking the students what school they went to and why they weren't in school.

Of course, me being me, I turned to the male cop and agreed with him that the girls were supposed to be in school.  I told them the name of the school and that it was around the corner.  

The students immediately started trying to defend themselves by calling my name, "Ms A.eye!  I still have a copy of permission slip!  Tell him the truth."  The cop seemed to realize that I was playing and started playing along with me that he was going to take the kids away.  The female cop came over and started asking why they were not in school.  And it started again.

Eventually, we adults let the students (who really looked as though they were going to shit their carmel cold coffee drinks) know that they were ok since they were with a teacher who had permission to have them out to lunch.

The cops then went to a couple of students who were at a nearby table.  

Those two were not as lucky and were taken away in the police van.

The students I was with vowed that they would never skip school and go out in public in the future.  

I told them to just never skip school.


  1. Perfect example of why your students love you!

    1. Thanks!

      It was so fun. As was listening to them relay the story to others when we returned to the school!

  2. Replies
    1. I love that I could do it with a straight face!

  3. Replies
    1. It was truly amazing how afraid they were!

  4. Perfect school story to end my crazy school day! The perks of being a teacher... Great share!


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