11 November 2013

Back to blogging with pictures

I'm easing my way back into blogging.

It's been almost 6 months.  I haven't even allowed myself to read other blogs because I didn't want to get sucked into those again if I was not going to be keeping up with mine. I know, doesn't quite make sense, but that was my rule.

I have missed reading about all of you out there and am not even sure if I will understand all that you write now since I have missed out on a huge chunk of your blogging lives.

My return to blogging will begin with November photos of the day (promts by Fat Mum Slim - as usual).

Here is a recap of the first week+.

1. Fruit - In my blender - for a smoothie.

2. I did this today -  After talking about eating bugs as I was teaching literacy to a group of students, one of the students said that her mother makes them.  I, of course, said I wanted to taste them.  A week and a half later this came to me in my classroom.  I ate a few at school, took the rest home.  I wasn't sure if they were supposed to be sprinkled on top of the cactus (YUM!) salad or not. I did not.

3. P is for - dance practice in the subway station.  No one looks twice at people who do things like this in the subway. I'm getting used to not making it seem like I think it's cool, but I still sneak pictures occasionally.

4. Table - chili while grading - gotta love my colleagues

5. I collect - a new visa for my December trip to India; process was not that bad after I went all the way back home to get proof of address since it was not listed on the website as something I needed to bring with me.

6. Music - went to a salon for a regular hair style and got my hair washed (by someone else) for the first time in over 12 years; I didn't realize I missed the sensation.  If you look carefully, you can see the little red radio on the right by the door that was playing a huge variety of music.  I was the only one in the shop which made it a much more pleasant experience than I remember salons being.  Didn't leave until almost 11 pm, though.

7. Yes - Doonya - not only have I been a horrible blogger, I have not been attending Doonya as often as I did before winning the weight loss competition last winter. I won free unlimited classes for a year, and have not really taken advantage. I gave out a big old YES when I finished, because I love how it feels to workout and I love dancing to do it.

8. Someone I miss - I can go a long time without talking to family, but I love them dearly and love when I do talk with them.  My dad had back surgery on Friday and I was waiting to hear some good news. Mom's text was nice to see.

9. Mine - In my new place (not that new - been here since August) I actually have a couch.  Haven't had one since moving away from StL.  Last place was too gross to bring in decent furniture.  It unfolds completely flat and is actually really comfortable for sitting, grading, napping, watching tv (which is fairly new since I didn't do that much when I was at the other place since sitting on the yoga mat was not conducive to tv watching. I must say, that most of my tv watching is on the laptop or tablet with Hulu+, though.  Need to get a device to allow me to watch them on the tv.