28 April 2008

Visualize world peace

After a student tells me that "ok, ms ____ this conversation is over" when I tell him that during a quiz he should not be talking to another person.
1. Me leaning in really close to the student and telling him to kiss my ass.
2. Me telling the kid off using many of the words that are regularly bleeped out on television.
3. Me taking a kid by the shirt collar and shoving him against the counter before throwing him against the wall. (I am a woman, not very big, but I am strong, and it would be possible.)

Fortunately I know to just visualize this instead of acting on it. But, ooooohh, child. It was really tempting. Even after I came over and sat down I still had the urge.

Instead I politely and calmly told the child that he should not talk to me like that, that I would not take that kind of disrespect and that he needed to show other students the same respect they showed him while he is taking the quiz.

Shame on my parents and myself for making me choose the sane way out.

27 April 2008

Sound bites and campaigns

Media today is so powerful. News stations have taken advantage of this in so many ways. They sensationalize everything. They make everything seem as though it is life or death. They make it seem as though there are only bad things occurring in your city.

And they utilize sound bites like there is no tomorrow.

You could give a 45 minute speech on an issue and the news (due to time constraints, but more due wanting to draw more viewers) will simply chop all of that down to two or three 7-10 second blurbs that they feel sum up all of what you said.

This happens even more during presidential campaigns. Jeremiah Wright, pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ, is one that this has happened to a lot recently. Take a look at the church website and see if you see anything racist as some anchors are "informing" their viewers. Often times news anchors will use the sound bites to try and trap a person into saying something they think will incriminate them more.

But truth cannot be stopped. Fortunately there are some news anchors who believe that a person is more than a 10 second speech taken out of context.

On Friday, PBS premiered a Bill Moyers Journal interview with the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Really good. Not sensational. Not attacking. Just talk. Just explanations. Just more of the speeches so viewers could really see the context from which he spoke.

Honestly, it has been a while since I have been so impressed with a person. He is so real. So sincere. So for the people he wants to help. So inspirational on so many levels. And so continuously taken out of context.

He is allowed in the interview to address a lot of the topics he has been attacked on recently -- whether his church is racist, what he meant when he said for God to damn America (please listen to a larger section of the speech, even right after he says this, you can understand he is not completely hateful), what he meant when he said the chickens were coming home to roost after 9/11 (which he says as a quote from another person who said this after 9/11), what his relationship is with Senator Barack Obama, and more. He is so knowledgeable about the scriptures, so wise. It is truly enthralling.

Here are links to the show and the video, the transcript, or you can get the podcast.
Bill Moyers Interview with Reverend Jeremiah Wright
We as a nation need to seriously hold the media accountable and not make sound bites the norm in how news is relayed to the people.

As I rewatched this interview, it really made me wonder why the Obama camp did not utilize the videos to show that Reverend Wright's words were taken out of context. Why they did not do more to show that he really is a man working to do good. It seems like they took the easy road out and basically disowned him. In not showing the reality of what he was saying, I think it left more food for all his opponents to use against him.

22 April 2008

It's Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!

Today is gloomy, but it is still a day to celebrate the earth. The rain will make for some great plants later in the season.

Take care of the earth. Even the government seems to care.

Membership drive

I wish I was a millionaire.

There are several reasons. But, this morning, there is one sole reason -- public radio.

I love me some NPR in the morning. I love to hear the stories, the updates, the personal narratives. I love it all. Even love Car Talk and the BBC late at night/early in the morning.

But I cannot stand the membership drives!

I wish I had a whole crap load of money so that on the first day of the drive I could give them all the money they need, or match all the money the people give so all of the interruptions and bed and breakfast deals would be over.

21 April 2008

Brand new life

Kid Sis #2 had her baby today. First of my siblings to do so.

I know biology and the birds and the bees, but it is still so strange that a being grew inside her stomach. It took me awhile to get used to hearing her talk about the early stages of pregnancy. Then even more time to get used to her growing belly.

But I'm still getting used to the idea of that being being outside of her body and growing as a human. Getting used to the fact that I am an aunt. Getting used to the fact that my mother is a grandmother and father is a grandfather. That I am going to soon start calling her and my parents by different names in order for the kid to understand who I am talking about. Getting used to the fact that Little Sis (who used to have an imaginary friend who was killed in a car crash but was later found to be alive as it was her twin sister who actually died, made up her own language, still cries when you mention the fact that the dog ate her Cabbage Patch kid, stuck hair pins in electrical sockets disrupting my morning cartoon viewing) is now in charge of another human life for at least 18 years.
So exciting.

Also exciting is my track team. Who is doing wonderfully despite some shocking news yesterday and today. But we are survivors and we will persevere despite some losses.

Not quite as exciting -- state testing this Wed-Friday.

20 April 2008

The weather outside is not frightful, but this paper is

This is what I am having to grade right now. (Please note that the typos and grammatical mistakes are taken straight from the paper.)
What I am comparing and contrasting in this essay is the wonen roles that were changing in the women jobs choice in the region of Latin America and Western Europe. In Between the time period of 1750 to 1914.
In Latin America during this time peroid the wome had to try to have a move for independece as in many place wonen try to move up in society and try not to be subordent to Men. women start to try to get job in the church was the biggest place for women in lation america this was similar to western europe because women were not only wokring in church and stuff they were also getting jobs that men use to occupie
In this time perod it was really good becase women started righting books, poetry. That was happening in Lation americ su ceficly but that was not the only thing that the wonen did. For many year over time you can see the women posisitive agression to get ahead.
I think I'll stop there. Remember, typos and such were purposeful. It was actually hard to type like that.

I teach high school.

I still have two more pages of this to decipher and try and understand, then go through it again and try and grade it.

All while I should be outside enjoying the weather.

19 April 2008

Rain, axes, trees, presidency

Yesterday we left school at 2:15 for a track meet. We had been looking at the weather all week and all day since it was scheduled to rain all day Friday. The meet was not called. We arrived at the meet. Home coach decides to wait out the rain. We wait until four. He says we will wait a little bit longer to see if it dies off. All the coaches are waiting in the computer lab doing scratches and waiting to see if this optimism the coach is full of will influence the weather and make it stop raining. He looks on weather.com and sees that the rain is moving directly North. A long stream of green on the radar that seems as though it will never end. He says we will wait until five when he sees a little bit of lighter green on the radar that could mean it is going to clear up. Five comes along and he says he wants to go ahead and run it even though the rain is not going to hold up.

We all go outside and walk through the flood that is the parking lot to tell our children to start warming up. They do.

They are waiting at the line to start the 4x8 which we threw together in order to get some points. I intend for this meet to be the first whole meet that I win as a coach. So four people volunteered to run this race (including a shot putter). They are still waiting right at the line after the starter announced that they will run boys and girls together. We are standing near the fence at the finish line. A bunch of wet coaches sharing stories of what we were doing during the quake. Hilarity. Bonding. We love just getting to chat in the rain and when the weather is steadily seeming to get colder.

At 5:40 the home coach calls a coach from every school to the finish line. The meet is called off. We waited two and a half hours in the rain to not have a meet. Nice.

We suggest Monday. Everyone is asking if we will be sure to be back that day. For sure. We are trying to win this mo-fo.

Apparently all the coaches are really wanting to run/jump/throw against us. They all keep asking us about our athletes, if we are going to be back, if so-and-so will be returning. If they can hear some of the things I have been doing with them to improve them.

I almost started to get a big head. But I am grounded. We have to focus on winning this and seeing what we can work out so that we can roll out at the District meet as well. But that isn't the end, that is the preview for the Sectional meet, which will hopefully be a sign of what we can do at State.

I am hopeful. I am eager. I am really wanting to do big things with the team this season. And they are all on board as well.

Sean said something the other day that his grandfather used to say: small axes. Small axes can still chop down big trees.

We are that small ax. I have been trying to chop that tree for five years now as the head coach and this is the year that the divots in the tree are possibly meeting together to help it fall.

Here's two videos to some songs I enjoy. Watched the debates (if you can call them that) on Thursday. Wishing it would come down to one candidate. Wishing that people would not ask ignorant questions. Wishing that people would ask questions about the real issues that affect people rather than what connection this man has with someone who did something horrendous 40 years ago. Wishing the opposing party would not try and attack needlessly in an attempt to draw attention away from herself.

I guess he has been listening to Jay Z and Ice-T talking about 99 problems (yes, Ice-T came with it first for you younguns. 1993 album Home Invasion.)

Make sure you get out and start paying attention to what the candidates are saying, what they have been doing, and what you can do to help this nation and its people reach greater heights.

18 April 2008

Hands (and everything) no longer shaking

If you felt the quake, you can check in here to be part of the data.

I guess a good thing is that I would definitely wake up if a car crashed into my home, unlike the guy in this situation.

I am not crazy. The ground did shake.

I just woke up to shaking!!!

There was just an earthquake. In St.Louis. This shouldn't happen. I double checked online and it said there was a magnitude 5.4 earthquake on the east side of Illinois.

I think I almost shit myself. But after shaking in my skin for awhile, and looking online to make sure it was not my imagination, I made it to the toilet without messing myself.

But then when I got out of bed I couldn't tell if anyone else in the building felt anything. Or if anyone outside did either.

And at it took awhile for the earthquake sites to bring it up online.

But after about 15 minutes, it was finally posted, and I knew I was not crazy.

That damn Madrid fault line. I always new it would happen at some point. And I know this is not big compared to some, but for me to feel something 127 miles from the epicenter is not right. I am not in Cali, I am not in the ring of fire, or whatever, in the Pacific. I should not be awakened by any type of shaking. And I'm not even that close to it. Imagine how the people felt at the epicenter. I hope there are no after shocks.

I can deal with tornadoes, storms, floods, droughts, mosquitoes, cardinal fans, all that, but being in the MidWest, I'm not prepared to deal with any kind of quakes. Unless they are quakers -- and only when those quakers are in the oat form.

16 April 2008

Driving while stupid

When you do something crazy, the initial reaction is to try and not get caught. Unless you are doing it for attention. Let's say you crash into a house while driving drunk. If this were to happen to me, I would immediately sober up and try and figure out what to do. I know it is illegal to leave the scene of an accident, but that would be the first thing I would want to do. I would drive to some friend who details cars and can fix mine, or tear it up and trade me for another one. I would drive somewhere so as not to get caught. Not that I wouldn't feel for the home owner -- I would note their address and send them a check to fix it. Even hook them up with a friend who does construction work.

This guy did not sober up very well when he ran into a house. CoMo. I tell you. He is a medical student. I'm sure kicking it hard after a lot of homework. I guess none of his friends knew that he was too drunk to drive. Some friends.

And how drunk was the homeowner that they did not hear a person drive a truck into the side of their home close to where they were sleeping.

Affordable education is a world-wide issue.

Yes, I have changed subjects. Abruptly.

In Spain, parents are taking (what I would consider) some pretty drastic measures to ensure their children gain an advantage, are accepted into schools, and that they can pay for their children's education.
Competition for spots in acceptable state schools is so fierce in Spain, that parents are getting divorces in order to give their children an advantage. Under Spanish law, children living with a single parent get extra points on their applications.
And by the way, I have gotten to wear a t-shirt out side two days in a row. And I didn't die from being cold.

15 April 2008

Gonna be a bright sunshiny day

Where were these scientific geniuses during the first part of spring sports season this year? Or really, anytime that it was inconvenient for it to rain?

I'm sure the chemicals could have some lasting or temporary effects, though.

But at least the Olympics (if they are not boycotted) may be dry? Right?

14 April 2008

Mouth-watering, delicious cookies

Last night I was needing something sweet to eat. Not too sweet, not too filling. Just right. And what is the best snack when you want something sweet? Girl Scout cookies.

Usually I get the goods (yes, I call them the goods, because those Thin Mints are like crack) from two or three sources. I don't want to seem like a complete pig, so I order a little from each. That way I end up with a gang of cookies, but each little (or not so little) girl does not realize how many boxes I am actually getting.

This year I only ordered from one kid. I only ordered four boxes. I didn't want to eat them all right away, so I put them all in the freezer for safe storage until I really was feigning.

Last night was one of those days.

I opened the freezer to grab a box and let it start thawing.

Nothing was there. At least nothing that looked like a box of Girl Scout cookies.

That's when I realized that I had left them upstairs in the other apartment. I threw on some clothes and ran up there as fast as I could. Last time I checked there had been people in there looking at the windows and checking all the cabinets to make sure I hadn't left any belongings.

I opened up a freezer to find nothing but some ice cubes. And the tray wasn't even full.

I guess they ganked my cookies.

And it's so far after the season that I think I will just have to go without for another year.

If you find me curled in a corner with the shakes, or talking to a girl in a green or brown vest begging her to take my shoes/clothing/video games/dvds/car in exchange for the last crumbs at the bottom of the cardboard box that used to hold cookies, you know what's going on.

13 April 2008

My cryogenics experiment

(Otherwise known as my Saturday).

In the morning the host school was having an all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast. The cook was amazing. He had some kind contraption/skillet/table where he could cook 24 pancakes at one time. And the batter was squirted out of this machine into perfect circles. He even tossed the pancakes to you with his spatula. I ate seven pancakes. I have never eaten that many cakes in my life. But they were so delicious I could not bring myself to stop. The pancakes were wonderfully fluffy and warm.

That was the last time during that event that I would feel warm.

I have never been so cold. I thought the Wash U. meet was bad a few weeks back, but that was nothing. That was a shorter experience, with no wind. Yesterday there were gusts up to like 20. I was running the JV high jump and the bar was being blown off consistently. Then it started to sleet. SLEET!!!! It is April. Mid-April.

I had on 4 t-shirts, 2 long-sleeved Ts, one fleece pull-over, one thick runners jacket that feels almost like rubber, my thickest hooded sweatshirt, one of those nylon-like jackets runners wear, another nylon-ish jacket. I had on three pairs of pants, two pairs of socks, three pairs of gloves. I wore two hats -- one nylon-type runners hat that usually is super warm, and another wool one on top of it in addition to my hoody

What did all this do for me regarding my warmth?

I would have to say not a mother-fucking thing.

It was so cold I even had to have one of my coaches stop on his way and buy me those hand warmer things. They are supposed to exude warmth for up to 7 hours. I used them at one of the football games this fall and became a believer. It was unbelievable. I really thought at one point that if I didn't remove them I would get a serious degree burn.

Of course since the weather was so cold, I would somehow get a defective pair.

I took them out of the bag and they didn't seem to warm as quickly as the last time. I put them in my socks and all they did was make my feet feel moist and cold. Placed them in the gloves and felt nothing like the warmth or burn of the last time. It was more like the feeling you get when you have a few cubes of ice in your mouth and try to blow into your clenched fists to warm them up.

I bought four hot chocolates during the meet. The first was really great. One of my assistant coaches bought it for me as I was working the high jump. It was a long walk from the concession stand to the pit, but the cup was still emitting steam. And as I took the first sip, it warmed my whole body.

I tried it three more times in hopes of the same temperature rising effect. No luck. Each subsequent cup was more and more lukewarm.

But I kept hope alive and continued to buy more. When I got the last one I asked the lady if she was serious. Did she think she was selling a freaking iced-cocoa drink? I took a sip. I guess it was good that it was too cold for me to move my arms quickly. If I had tried to throw it back at her the fluid probably would have done nothing but trickle out since I couldn't move my arms quickly enough to cool her face with the drink. Perhaps since she was standing close to the grill to cook the burgers and dogs she didn't really understand how cold it was. Perhaps she was not heating the water on purpose to see what people's reactions would be upon sipping that concoction. I really didn't have time to think up her reasoning. And I was too cold. I was not going to take it any more. I asked her if she was going to make another batch and actually have it be HOT chocolate. She said that it was just as hot as this morning. I asked her for my money back and went to continue freezing as I watched my athletes.

The kids, as a whole, did all right. Some performed magnificently in spite of the weather -- we broke five school records. Others were challenged for the first time with some decent competition. Others couldn't make it to the starting line before the gun man was ready to start their race. How is it that an entire relay can almost miss their race? Twice. And not warm up when it is 30-some degrees. I really had to bite my tongue with them. Until the bus ride, when I let them know my thoughts. But since the driver was there and he did not need to hear my diatribe, I will let them hear the rest on Monday.

When I left the meet it was 7:55pm. It was 37 degrees with winds still gusting, a drizzle falling and a wind chill of 29 degrees.

12 April 2008

The joys of spring

It is almost 7:30.

I am tired.

I am about to leave for a track meet. The temperature is 39 degrees right now. The high is around 45 degrees.

The meet is scheduled with a last event time of 6:45 pm.

How many times have I seen a meet run right on schedule? Not too many. In fact I could count on my hand.

Oh, and there will be scattered showers all day.

I will be outside all day. Likely for close to 12 hours. In the cold.

When is spring going to actually stay in this city?

11 April 2008

Golf, family time, and idols

I'm sure I will offend many people when I say that golf sucks. I think it is stupid. I think it is a waste of a lot of hours in the day. I think it is a waste of good land space/usage.

But I was delighted this morning on NPR when I heard them talk about the decline in the number of people playing golf. Hopefully the people who used to take up so much of their day avoiding their families, or just drinking to oblivion in the heat will find better use of their time. Perhaps actually spend some with their significant others or their children. And perhaps find better use of their money. Maybe use it to put toward the super large house they are living in which they cannot afford, or the car that they are leasing. Or maybe even use it to buy things necessary for their household.

Not sure what they can do with all those clubs, though.

In other exciting news (please note my sarcasm) there are going to be stamps to highlight American Idol winners.

I am not kidding. This is for real.

The first will be Kelly Clarkson, but more will follow. I guess the good thing is that the proceeds go to the Idol Gives Back Foundation. And since so many people watch that horrendous show, I'm sure a lot of money will go toward a good cause.

It's like that telephone game

Apparently I cannot tell people at work my business. I guess I should have known this before. But finding out that people who should not know do know stuff about me that I would like them to not know just yet, is really disturbing.

Actually hurts a bit that stuff I think is being said in confidence is not actually taken that way by others. Especially since I told only a few people what I was thinking about. People who I thought would understand not to go gossiping with others.

I've got people completely no longer associated with the school (or with me) coming to other people who then are coming to me and asking if stuff is true. They have heard information from people I do not even speak to. At all. Emails from colleagues I haven't spoken to asking what's going on? What?? How are all these people in the know about stuff that I am not even sure about yet?

My fault for being so comfortable with people who apparently are not into keeping shit to themselves.

I'm being vague. I apologize, but just wanted to vent for a moment.

08 April 2008

Let babies be babies

Babies can be really cute. They are fun to play with. They even smell nice when their diapers are clean. But they should be kids. Dress them like kids, let them watch kid tv shows, let them wear kid clothes, play with kid toys.

Please don't try to make your babies look like grown women. It's not cute. Well, she is cute, but the whole concept is disturbing.
From SandraRose.com

The aftermath

Just had lunch. Of course, talk turns to the fight yesterday.

One of the teachers said that the admin are upset at the soccer coach for not going over to deal with the fight. Even though she was in the middle of coaching. During a game. This school has some issues.

I guess, now the administration are putting the soccer coach in charge of administrative duties that are not in her job description. She does a lot of the AD duties since the current AD does not do them all. But she is not an administrator. Now that the AD is leaving for a larger school, she has to interview for the position. A position that she is super qualified for. But the admin feel that she is too timid. Why they don't just give her the title already boggles my mind.

Oh yeah. Possibly because she is a woman. Her not having balls could be the deciding factor for whether she gets the position. It has been said that they want a man in charge. That only a man could be a good AD. I thought we were more sophisticated than these folks. I may be mistaken. We'll see soon. She is awesome, competent, helpful, and considerate of all the sports. And she stays is constantly here in attendance for all the sporting events.

It is cloudy again. Literally and figuratively.

07 April 2008

The sun is still shining -- despite some clouds

All that I said about the wonderfulness of the sun... was shortly thereafter negated. Only slightly, though.

I went to the faculty meeting after school. There it was announced that MAP testing would be postponed due to the test being seen by someone it was not supposed to be seen by.

This ruined my plans for the week. I now have to plan stuff, which I would have done earlier or even last week had I known we would not start testing on Wednesday. Now the hopes of reading for fun will be pushed off for two more weeks. The dreams of free time will be only dreams.

Another cloud in the cloudless sky happened during practice. When I came out after the meeting I was told that an athlete had tried to fight another student over some thing that had happened at his house. About 10 minutes later I am watching the kids do their buildups and suddenly see the throwers drop their stuff and jump the fence. Didn't think much of it, just thought they were going to meet the throwing coach. Especially when the coaches son was then seen running over that way as though he was late and trying not to get in trouble.

But then there was a mob of folks. My kid had walked that way a bit earlier looking heated. I thought he was going to go home and try to cool off.


He was going to meet another kid who had come back up to school after hearing that my athlete had stepped to one of his friends. They fight. Cops are called. Both are cut up in the brow. One is escorted back into the school looking like Tito Ortiz had clocked him.


Blood gushing down his whole face. The other kid was kept in the cop car outside until the paramedics could see to his wound. The kid inside is later joined by the paramedics and then escorted back outside in handcuffs. He is then (still in handcuffs) put on a gurney and wheeled to the ambulance with his head wound up in bandages.

This all while I am trying to conduct practice. While the soccer team is trying to play a game.

But the sun is still shining. We do a few things at practice. I work with some of the athletes to improve their form. I go to the park again to run for a short bit.

Now back home. I am not yet going to fret about planning for school.

The sun is still shining and it is still warm.

The sun is still out!!

I really don't remember when last it was sunny for three days in a row. It is amazing what a difference sunlight can have on my attitude and on the attitudes of others.

On Saturday I was awakened by one of my athletes at 6:45am. He was calling to ask for me to see if I could gather some shorts for him at school. He asked me if I was there yet. Of course I wasn't. It was over an hour before we were to meet up. But even that early morning wake up couldn't get me down since the sun was shining in on me from all directions that morning. Turned out his phone had automatically adjusted to daylight savings time this weekend, just as the school clocks and some computers all over did.

Then I had an athlete accused of theft of the concession stand at the track meet. But it really didn't phase me because I was enjoying the sun light. Of course there will be reprimands, but I am still in a good mood from all this sun that I might go easy on the kid.

I am turning brown again. But my feet are still the color of my palms. Hopefully soon it will not only be sunny, but warm enough for me to rock some thong-sandals and tan the feet. Well, at least as tan as they can get. I don't think there has ever been a time when they have gotten as dark as my face or even my legs above the ankles.

Today I was in a good mood all day. Not only is the sun shining, but we have testing three days this week. Which means I don't have much to do for those three days but relax, catch up on some grading, catch up on emailing long-lost acquaintances, pay some bills, and possibly, possibly even read for fun. I honestly can't even remember the last time I was able to do that.

It is supposed to rain tomorrow, but who cares, because the sun is out again for our meet on Wednesday and again on Saturday.

I am going to be my nice golden/red/brown self again!! Yea for vitamin D!!

Good bye seasonal affective disorder/winter depression!!

04 April 2008

April 4, 1968

Forty years ago the Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated.

He was a man who has been made into a myth. He was hated by many during his life, but now is seen as a man who was not a threat, who was a change-maker. Other people have erased his flaws and see him as a man who made no mistakes. He was a courageous man who was fearful of death and yet still worked to do what he felt was best, he continued to move forward. He did all the things he did because he wanted to transform America. He was paranoid toward the end of his life -- but it was not unwarranted. Look what ended up happening to him. Look at how his life was ended. He was able to anticipate his own death and used death to remind people of the price to be paid and how his martyrdom could further the cause for which the people around him were willing to die.

No one knows what he would believe in during today's time, but during his time he wanted to gain the freedom of black people and poor people throughout the nation. I'm sure he would be pursuing the rights of many today, but who knows.

I do know that the man died too early. The man did not get to finish his job here on the earth.

He and Malcolm X were killed before they could fully see their visions come to fruition.

But I guess that in some ways, their visions have not completely developed.

There is still a way to go before there is full equality in this nation. In all areas -- race, gender, sexual identity, ethnicity, home language, political beliefs, economic classes, you name it, there are still people pushing to discriminate against their group.

Take some time today to think about what some of the Civil Rights leaders embodied. Think about what we have overcome. Think about whether we have lived up to their legacies.


And once you have thought about that, think about what you can do to help achieve a better society. There is so much you can do and some of it is really small.

02 April 2008


It really is amazing to me how many African-American women I see in commercials with natural hair. It is so beautiful. It comes in so many textures, cuts, twists, braids, colors, fades.

Everywhere I go in real life I see a ton of women with no chemicals straightening their hair.

What is also amazing is how so many of the women you see in tv shows, and if you catch a "music" channel during the times when they actually show them, those women do not represent these hair styles. Most of them rock super straight hair -- usually weaved or sown in in some way.

Why is there the disconnect?

I'm not even going to get into the argument of which is better. I know that my hair is healthier than ever before. But I also know that women choose to do their hair the way they want regardless of what I or any one else say to them.