08 April 2008

The aftermath

Just had lunch. Of course, talk turns to the fight yesterday.

One of the teachers said that the admin are upset at the soccer coach for not going over to deal with the fight. Even though she was in the middle of coaching. During a game. This school has some issues.

I guess, now the administration are putting the soccer coach in charge of administrative duties that are not in her job description. She does a lot of the AD duties since the current AD does not do them all. But she is not an administrator. Now that the AD is leaving for a larger school, she has to interview for the position. A position that she is super qualified for. But the admin feel that she is too timid. Why they don't just give her the title already boggles my mind.

Oh yeah. Possibly because she is a woman. Her not having balls could be the deciding factor for whether she gets the position. It has been said that they want a man in charge. That only a man could be a good AD. I thought we were more sophisticated than these folks. I may be mistaken. We'll see soon. She is awesome, competent, helpful, and considerate of all the sports. And she stays is constantly here in attendance for all the sporting events.

It is cloudy again. Literally and figuratively.

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