11 April 2008

It's like that telephone game

Apparently I cannot tell people at work my business. I guess I should have known this before. But finding out that people who should not know do know stuff about me that I would like them to not know just yet, is really disturbing.

Actually hurts a bit that stuff I think is being said in confidence is not actually taken that way by others. Especially since I told only a few people what I was thinking about. People who I thought would understand not to go gossiping with others.

I've got people completely no longer associated with the school (or with me) coming to other people who then are coming to me and asking if stuff is true. They have heard information from people I do not even speak to. At all. Emails from colleagues I haven't spoken to asking what's going on? What?? How are all these people in the know about stuff that I am not even sure about yet?

My fault for being so comfortable with people who apparently are not into keeping shit to themselves.

I'm being vague. I apologize, but just wanted to vent for a moment.

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